Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 20

I just couldn’t walk away. The Mulhouse adventure was the background to those quiet summer months where football watching was replaced with festival sets. We got promoted to Ligue 1 to the tune of Fatboy Slim’s set at Download festival, whilst it was Reading or Leeds when we sealed the Ligue 1 crown. The out-pour of love at the end of the series (which you can read here) meant I owed it to the loyal fans of Mulhouse to load the game up again and try and build on this. After all, I want Pennyfather to play in the Champions League.

Final league table

With Barthez already signed to take young Ceballos out of the firing line, the retirement of Jean Paul Gautier has left us with a vacancy, if you’ll pardon the pun. As usual nobody really wants to join so this sometimes Belgian International will do, for now.

Leonard signs

One man who won’t be signing is Bootyoil, who is under the impression he could make it at PSG. He is wrong, but at least he has left Strasbourg.

Bouto to PSG

Ginola can probably still do a job. I’ve had good (well, better) success playing attacking midfielders at wing back but it’s borderline cruel to ask Ginola to do it, even though he is worth it. Welcome.


I’d also like some more forward options. Del remains unhappy and could leave if somebody bids for him and I’m unconvinced by Macauley Culkin. The less said about Nathan Blake the better. When’s your Dolmio day?


Larry Leroy has groin grabbingly amazing stats. That’s usually a sure fire sign that he will be terrible but this £2m practically keeps Monaco afloat.


Here’s how we’ll start the season.

Team day one

A home game with Bastia should be easy but we go behind in a scrappy encounter and Natigol equalising is as good as it gets. The pressure of being champions.

Bastia home S7

Marseille have a lot of good attackers and the Velodrome is a cauldron of noise. Marlon Brando puts them ahead and although Trotta equalises, the hosts are back ahead from kick off. I’m starting to think Barthez is not the hero I had him down to be. Trezzy equalises in the second half before Trotta puts us ahead. Lovely jubbly.

Henry equalises before Kolkka scores from 30 yards. I’m about to slump over the hoardings like Keegan when Rai, sweet old Rai bread smashes in a rebound from a corner. 4-4, would you believe it?

Yes Martin Tyler, I would. Stephane Bonnes heads in a corner in the 91st minute to round off a truly excellent afternoon of entertainment. Bonnes Nuit.

marseille away S7

We’re seeded for the Champions League draw, a folly concept given they have 8 seeds for 6 groups. Nevertheless we strike it lucky and face trips to Belgium, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia (Serbia for all you modern day fans).

CL group

PSG still have a great side despite being 15 points worse than us last season. We nearly pull off another win in the PdP but Denilson equalises. Rai is like a fine wine.

PSG away S7

Barthez is injured so Cebeallos is back in for the visit of Nancy. He conceded two in the opening three minutes, a truly baffling turn of events is only helped when their centre half sees red. Rai misses the pen but Natigol scores from the corner. We are 3-2 and 4-3 up but continue to be pegged back, Ginola rasping in a free kick during the madness. Natigol settles it late on…a hard fought but reasonable win, all things considered.

Nancy home

Our Champions League bow sees us ease past CSKA Sofia. There’s an extra 7,000 on the attendance, the people of Mulhouse only come out for the glamour nights.

Sofia home

Ceballos sees red at Nantes, Barthez is only 75% fit but he saves the resulting penalty and Del secures a point. It’s never dull.

Nantes away S7

Gueugnon have too many vowels for my liking. They won’t lie down either but Larry Leroy gets his first in a handsome win.

Gueugnon Home

Belgium sees Ginola roll back the years as he sets us on the way to a handsome win.

anderlecht away

Behind to Lens and our indifferent defence is at it again. Somehow though we rally yet again and Leroy heads in a late winner. I’m growing to like him.

Lens away S7

Bastia again cause us problems but Dolly Mixtures and Trez secure our place in the League Cup second round. Yippee.

Bastia home Cup

Red Castle barely try for 20 minutes and even at 3-0 up, Natigol decides to pick up the most needless red card of his career.

chateaurouz home

The same two scorers are at it again against Partizan. We overcome an early setback to secure three points and put one foot in the last 8.

partizan home

The hard fought wins just keep coming. Le Havre are the latest to make us sweat but they are not quite up to it.

le havre away S7

Martigues are the surprise leaders and like us are unbeaten. The old lads see them off. Ginola has proven to be very useful indeed in that left wing back role.

martigues home S7

A win in Bulgaria secures our quarter final berth with minimal fuss. Never one to miss an opportunity, Ginola sees red and heads for the duty free. He will sit out a meaningless group game or two.

CSKA away

It helped that the other teams just kept denying each other.

CL group 4 games

We finish with a trip to our old friends. Strasbourg. Rivalry is an ugly word but I just don’t like them and hope we pound them into the ground. Thankfully, the lads agree and the front two do the damage before Trez adds a third. A glorious day.

stras away S7

Is it worthy of that graphic? We are the champions, remember.


We’re unbeaten but second in the table, Martigues are having the time of their lives despite their defeat to us. We’ve doubled Strasbourg’s goals against column so that helps.

table Nov S7

We’ll set about getting back to the top of the table next time. It’s great to be back!

6 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming up Mulhouse – Part 20

  1. Hi David,
    I read a couple of your careers and it’s always a good read.
    I have a question:
    I get back to CM 97 98 in which I had great success during my teen days, but somehow now I’m struggling to get consistent results.
    In my Torquay save I have 18th season and although I won PL 4 times and CL 1 time sometimes it gets frustrating. I have plenty of re-gens, last season I even used an editor to look for players with the highest CA and PA only, I use mostly 2-3-1-2-2 but still in different parts of the season get into a poor string of results which I couldn’t get out of.
    I tried everything – customizing the formation, changing to default ones like 4-4-2 and 5-3-2, reacting to what the opponent is doing during the match, rotating players, playing with ones only with good form, etc.
    Usually, I lost so many points that I finish 2-4 in the league and semi or quarter-final of the CL or UEFA cup, in the League cup and FA cup I usually lose earlier.
    So I can’t figure it out – with so many greatest players in the world – they just forget how to play at some point – I know it sounds like real life and something that real manager should deal with, but c’mon, I don’t remember it was so tough back then 🙂
    I’m using v2.93 GBR – maybe it’s different than what I was playing before.
    Do you have any tips for me? Maybe you experienced something similar?


    • It’s possible some of the hidden stats of your players aren’t up to much. I find the game gets weird generally the later on you get! Is your goalkeeper any good?

      • Yeah, maybe stats like reputation matter, I usually buy players that don’t have caps for the national team yet.
        GK is pretty decent, England #1 with around 140 CA.
        Do you often change your formation during the match, when you losing or drawing?

  2. I love that you brought this baby back. Was a lovely surprise seeing the email in my inbox. Nice to see the boys having a good start to the season. Looking forward to next weeks update!!

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