The Wonderkids – Part 14: Praying for Rain

Hello and welcome back to the latest part of our adventure with The Wonderkids. From Division Three to the Premier League; from anonymity to International recognition; released after one week and never snapped up by another club (hellooo Nicoletti). You can catch up with the start of our assault on the Premier League here.

So far, we’ve made a solid start to life at the top of the dinner table, and despite losing two games we’re seven points clear at the top with Yuri Rose and Ulrik ‘Ulrika’ Balling on fire. The only crushing blow so far has been Leonidas effectively ruled out until the start of next season. Here’s a reminder of our lofty perch:

Back to our usual selves, we’re atrocious at the back but blinding up top. There’s unrest in the squad and we need to try and rotate a bit, which Leonidas’ injury gives us room to do. First up its Man Utd, a shadow of their former selves as Ferguson has riddled the squad with average Scottish talents.

Sol puts through his own net and Mr Inzaghi wraps it up, job done. Daniel son would be proud. What a load of Bullocks! Minus man on the move again, this time back to the Premier League.

Next up its Robson’s Boro who are in the hunt for us along-side the Gunners. I think we have it all wrapped up and then BOOM! Champ Man eh. Boro’s brutal version of kick and rush finally pays off. Two form players down for a month.

In the League Cup we could have done with some drugs down at the Galpharm as we scrape passed Division One Huddersfield…I sense a drop in form coming. Knew it, f******* knew it. Sheff Utd are 17th and full of players of a Division Two calibre. Petr Kachuro, couldn’t catch a fucking beachball could Manninger.

We follow up by scraping a draw at equally relegation threatened Palace. O.G. Oh My! The Constantino Gardner chops legs instead of grass but redeems himself 11 minutes later.

A small tear comes to the corner of my eye…he’s been in the squad a year and finally makes his debut…scores…and gets man of the match…he must have been on a roll (sorry).

He’s Bak with a bang. Seven games without a goal and then two come along at once! Keegan’s Arsenal have Curtis at the back, Otero and Amoroso up top…some team.

Another soldier down, slipped on a disc in training, bloody 90’s. See you in Spring kid!

We follow with a sheepish display at Wolves as we draw 0-0. Boro close the gap to just a few points as Arsenal and Derby also win. If we throw it away like last year, I’ll be fuming. We face Sheff Utd again but in the League Cup, somehow, they thrash us 3-1. I’m lost.

We recover well in the league as Parry gets goal number 9. It is Juan step forwards and two steps back as Mario is out for a couple of months with a crocked back. With Agboh and Juan missing MacDonald will have to step up to the plate.

Batigol puts us away as we cannot buy a goal. Bak-Jensen-gol is struggling. As ever, the bodies just keep piling up.

Even brought Degn back from loan to cover Parry and the day before he returned, he got injured. The performances aren’t bad but we’re absolutely on a drought; one-nil is not our scene.

We have the chance to right the wrong of the first game of the season as Coventry visit the slicer. Bak-Jensen’s flaws fully exposed but he’s rocking up the assists.

And so, we sit top of the table on Boxing Day four points clear of Boro but they’ve been in 2nd place all the way.

There has been a key player so far and it is this man, Thomas Roll. If he stays out of the national side I will not mind too much if it keeps him fit!

Hopefully that is the end of our dry spell, we’ll need all of the recovery we can to ward off the threat of Boro and Derby. At least we don’t have Coventry to play again. It is criminal that we haven’t managed to get another player over the ten-goal mark, but we’ve got 18 games to right that wrong. Please do join us again next time to see if we can cling on to our spot at the top and how many players will make it through another update without getting crocked!

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