12. A-Z of Football – Chelsea (00/01) – Under the Bridge

Liam left us last time waiting for a job at C to appear and as if by magic, it has. Blue is the colour…

That’s right. The job offer comes from my supported clubs rivals. A team I would usually say no to, but putting grudges aside for the story, it wasn’t one I could turn down. Bryan Robson leaves 3rd place Chelsea to take over at 7th place Newcastle. A large squad, but a lot of deadwood to be moved on.

The bad news is, the club is in debt. Only a small amount, but there is nothing in the bank to sell. I hope to move a lot of the players on to pastures new.

My first game is away at 1st division Mansfield in the League Cup 4th round. A competition I can perhaps win to move on. However, We do make it very hard for ourselves.

Next round brings us Newcastle away, a chance for Bryan Robson to get one over his former club. I manage to sell David Johnson to Arsenal for £6mil, in the hope of bringing in some central midfielders.

Our first league game however, is also against Newcastle away. It is a chance for me to prove to Robson he made the wrong choice and indeed Chelsea was the place to be.

A complete kick in the bollocks means we play with 9 men since the 52nd minute. We held on for a long time, but in the 87th minute Andreas Andersson crushes those dreams.

A couple of offers go in for a central midfielder, and an attacking midfielder. On to the next game against Leicester, and hopefully it goes a little bit better than the Newcastle game!

A well needed result but I feel we are lacking in goals. I need to either change the tactic or find a better goalscorer. Will take a look in the market and see what I can find.

First off, I buy Martin Knutsen from Viking FK. His stats look fantastic and I think he can get goals in this league too.

Following that, I bring in Jose Manuel Jimenez Chema for £3.5mil to sure up the midfield. He is a right midfielder, but I may also play him in the middle aswell. Again, it is his Dribbling, Flair, Passing and Technique that are most impressive, and hopefully he can bring that to the Premier League from Hibs.

I’ve hopped back to a standard 4-4-2 to get the best out of Chema. He gets straight into the line up, as does Knutsen. I am also looking to get some utility players that can play a number of positions to get some depth across the defense and midfield. Out first 4-4-2 game comes away to Barnsley. A game that I personally would expect to win.

It isn’t to be, and 4-4-2 sucks stats wise. Time to move on from that. Good news is, Martin Knutsen scores on his debut. No time to dwell, as we cross over London to meet QPR at Loftus Road. Trying a new tactic again, with a 4-3-2-1.

So, it seems like I have uncovered an absolute gem in Martin Knutsen. Not getting ahead of myself just yet, but 3 goals in 2 games isn’t a bad start to his Chelsea career! One of the utility players to come in is Jan Sonksen, who comes in at a cheap £140k (Now valued at £925k).

He is on the bench for Coventry to come and visit. Again – Another game I would like to win and win big! However, it may not be that easy.

Really starting to settle in here. Knutsen again with a brace and Steve Bushell with a rare hat-trick to smash Coventry for 5.

Coming to the club is the first ever player I tried to buy in this game. He was refused a work permit at first, but now he has a Brazil cap, he was happy to join. Welcome to Chelsea, Gil Baiano!

We will leave the game there for now. A successful start at Stamford Bridge leaves me in good stead for the future. Martin Knutsen is my new hero!

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

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