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Our time with Matt is coming to an end. In this save anyway, I don’t mean that to sound sinister. Happy Monday everybody

We’re reaching the end of the road of this fun experiment into the parallel lives of Man Utd hereos and their team mates who never quite made it. We’ve won the lot, but our aim now is to get Danny Hall to 800 club games and David brown to 450 club goals, but is time running out?

Our league form is patchy, so one more league title might be beyond us unless we have an upturn in performances soon

Europe is a tricky one too. We’re the holders but I’m not sure we’ll even make it out of the group stages on this evidence

Bryan Robson’s rejuvenation continues, could he be a future AFC United manager? The fans would surely love it.

One of Robbo’s old clubs in game are another thorn in our side. Scholes Jnr rescues us but the second half is Kieron. Dyer.

This is a blow!

Three months out, that’s a lot of missed games to get to 450. He only needs 2 goals.

It’s over to the youngsters while Brown recuperates. We’ve now reached the point where it’s only 2 original players in the 16

Another draw in Europe, salvaged from the jaws of defeat mind you

That late injury to Launders is brutal though, that’s his season over for sure.

As it turns out though, that draw is enough to send us into the qaurter finals. Brown should be back by then, Irwin Jnr certainly won’t

Ryan Gordon takes Launders place, but we’ve not got enough to beat Nicky Butt’s United

Parrish pops another hamstring racing down the wing

Two days later we’re off to Tokyo for the World Club Cup Final, and a gaggle of second stringers fall to River Plate. What’s Amato? I don’t know, what’s amato with you? Huh? Huh?

Barely have we unpacked when Gillingham shoot us down in the League Cup. I think Terry Cooke’s legs have gone. It’s a sorry sight.

After those disappointments what you Reilly need is a game against Liverpool

Notman scores and then a minute later crocks himself for a few months

Our final group game against Rangers is a dead rubber. I love the fact the Bart Williams surname has been reused.

Well, would you look at that! What are the chances?

Sorry Chris, better luck next season

Of course we would draw the English side

So, with Brown out for a little while longer yet, and the young regens not exactly setting the league alight, I take a gamble on Jovan Kirovski’s regen

The stats are a mixed bag, but shooting and heading might be useful. That name though sounds like one of the ones in East 17 who does a bit of roofing between gigs.

Mid-season signings are always a danger for morale dips, but it seems to have spurred on Scholesy Jnr at home to our future European opponents

Away to Arsenal, the game turns on a 3 minute period where a sloppy penalty is saved and Roy Keane’s new look seals the win. I expect he enjoyed beating Arsenal.

That game takes us to the half way point and we’re now only 3 points away from the summit. Chelsea are holding firm but we’ve given ourselves a fighting chance. It looks like we’re avaergaing two goals a game but that 7 goal haul against Leeds is deceiving things a littl

That Arsenal game also marks the magic 800 number for our Captain, Danny Hall. What an achievement!

Ok, he had a dip in form last season, but he’s been a consistent performer and kept CM9798 legends Curtis and Ferdinand on the sidelines

He’s made the most of those random stats. Could have done more of a job for England too, but he’s been immense for me

Just as we’re eulogising his longevity, he gets injured 5 minutes into our next match

Luckily, it’s not that bad!

I slot Steve Bruce the Younger into Hall’s gap but Wolves are hungry like….themselves, and take the three points.

Satisfied? Satisfied? After all I’ve done…..

I can’t believe I might be going full circle and like Fergie, needing a third round FA Cup victory to save my job. Kulleseid is my new Mark Robins

We’re up against Inter Milan and Ronaldo in the European Super Cup and they edge the first leg with an away goal. I wonder how much Seth Johnson is being paid….?

Ronaldo is chasing his own in game round number too

Back to league action and we’re solid if unspectacular against Leeds and the Stamp Brothers

This deep into the game, it’s heartwarming to see a familiar name in the opposition

It also means we’re very reliant on players past 30 years old. I wonder what the record is for the number of times a player regens in the game?

Old players have dodgy hips, that’s for sure

While the old timers are faltering, the regens are growing in stature. Scholes Jnr showing Danny Cadamarteri who is on top now

He’s had a decent career though

Remember when we used to play Aston Villa all the time? Well, same.

The replay will have to wait though, we have unfinished business with Ronaldo. He’s one away from 350 now, but we’ve got the trophy, but will it be the last of my reign?

It almost goes all wrong in Cardiff, but we survive a penalty scare to gain a valuable 3 pts

That pumps us up for another go at Aston Villa, even if this time we pay the penalty

Is this the thing they call ‘form’? Brown hitting number 449 – he’s one away!

When Jovan Jnr scores his first for the club, I believe it is

Over in the League Cup, our conquerors fall to Liverpool, while Nicky Butt faces agony against Derby

Danny Hall is back to put in a vintage performance against Everton, and David Brown is easing himself back from injury

Our last action of this part see’s us take on league leaders Chelsea and Welshman Darren Parrish leaves it late to seal the win

And enough to take us to the summit

We’re back in with a chance of the title, but we still need Brown to score 1 more goal, can he do it before we call time on this save? Join me next week for maybe the last time….

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