Out of the Box Barnsley – Part 12: The joy of six

Good morning! Or indeed, good whatever-time-of-day you read this. We’re back with Barnsley, unpatched but randy for Champions League football. Newcastle look set to win the league but we need to hunt down Everton for that sweet European cash. Or win the Champions League. Whichever is easier.

A good start to the day’s events with a useful win at White Hart Lane. Signori showing no signs of slowing down.

We’re still in the FA Cup and this unconvincing win over lower league opposition puts us in round 5.

Looking at who is left, if not this year then when?

I’ve moved to bring in a low cost backup to Tommy. Even if we can’t keep him fit he’ll be a team captain on quiz night.

Our now traditional loss at Leeds. Turncoat Street at it again.

War of the Roses here but Bullock & Purse make sure it is the white rose that has the bragging rights.

That sets us up nicely for a trip to Germany in the Champions League. We lead for a time but they peg us back in the second half but I’m quite pleased with a score draw.

Lower league opposition in the FA Cup quarter finals, what can go wrong? Well, everything. Our shooting boots clearly have been left on the coach and we lose heavily. A terrible loss.

We take out our anger on Derby. Barrera has had a relative dry spell but his hat-trick here helps us see off 9 angry men.

Champions elect Newcastle hit us for 6. Hmm. At least we got 3.

Kaiserslautern are brushed aside and Bodin gets his first for the club. Hold that thought…

No easy draws in the last 4. That’s going to be tough but we beat Real Madrid a few seasons ago or some time in the past at least.

Bakayoko’s season is over. That’s awful news but hopefully Bodin can build on his first.

Casper the friendly idiot is sold, we’ll bring in a replacement before the deadline.

I was sure Matthew Wicks would sign but…he didn’t. Nobody did. We’ll have to manage with three centre backs (one of which is big Dion) for the remainder of the season. One of them scores here as Wolves are Beppe’d to death.

Ahh so close. I’d have liked a lead to take to Madrid but it could be worse.

I recalled Robbie Keane on deadline day but he hasn’t come back. I get this alert EVERY DAY.

A topsy turvy came at Forest where we come back from 2-0 down to then go 3-2 up in the 88th. Bodin can’t stop now he’s started, the pringles of the team. Anyway from kick off Forest make it 3-3. Pfft.

We need to beat Everton if we are to overtake them at some point for second place. They get a man sent off in the opening minute and all hell breaks loose. Two own goals and four separate scorers, they aren’t far off the current Everton side.


The defeat crowns Newcastle champions but more importantly puts it back in our hands.

Wimbledon are batted aside, the boy Bodin Pringles at it again. Redknapp also opens his account as we field a slightly tweaked team with a big game coming in 2 days.

Would you believe it, Pringles pops again to level it up on the night and aggregate against Real Madrid. It goes to penalties and when Dave Watson saves Roberto Carlos’ opening gambit, maybe it’s our year. It isn’t as Peruzzi saves from Lothar Matthaus and lovely Tommy to ensure we lose. Bloody Peruzzi.

Back to the domestic bliss and Arsenal are no match for us.

*Eye Twitch*

Blacburn have the nerve to take the lead but that just fires up Pringles and co and we run out 4-1 winners.

Everton lose at home and that’s almost all we need.

Fittingly a Barrera hat-trick seals us second place with two games to spare.

We’ve absolutely smashed the goals in during this update. Newcastle are reaping the benefits of having John Curtis marshalling the defence.

Ian Wright’s regen gets the winner off the bench against Boro.

Chesney Hawkes deals us our one and only defeat (in a while) but it is totally matterless.

A good season really but 17 points off the pace. A freak season you’d have to say.

As you can see that equals our tally from 98/99 but we scored a lot more this time and conceded only 4 less in the 4231, so I’m happy with changing formation. We’ve just got to cut out the silly results.

Some ridiculous values, £9m for Darren Purse anyone? None of these have been altered, it’s just the price of success.

Solano is so consistent. Everybody is pretty good mind.

I do wonder if he will ever actually come back.

Just time to ship out a backup goalkeeper.

Oh and for next season to be ruined before a ball has even been kicked. Amazing.

At least Barrera is the journalists favourite. And rightly so.

Quite the array in the awards, from Del Piero to Jason Euell.

There we are then, another season done and dusted. What are we going to have to improve on to become Champions? Consistency? Yes, but also we now need to replace Bakayoko’s goals/general contribution as that injury is a nightmare. Time to get the chequebook out. See you next week!

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