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Good morning and I’m going to kick off this blog post by wishing our host, Dave Black, a very happy birthday – have a great day and thanks for all your hard work on CM9798 from me and the blog squad.

So, can a latin version of favourite team land cup and league glory in part 24 of this odyssey?

First off, we have to deal with disgruntled strikers – no.

He’s mad that he’s not getting a starting spot, but the goals are flowing despite this.

Ok, forgot to screenshot the FA Cup match against Division 2 Coventry, but we won and this stalwart scored for them.

Bolton next in the quarters

Sheffield Wednesday are the next team to be blown away

Not so fluid against West Ham unfortunately

B.Adriano – more like Good-riano, am I right?

The Little Mermaid has bided his time and rewards me with a late winner against Bolton in the cup – we’re into the semi’s!

Of course we get title rivals Leeds in the semi-final

Arsenal still have a few recognisable legends in their squad and two of them team up to commit us to a Desmond.

Some legends of our own team up against Liverpool. I wish we could keep a clean sheet though.

Eight games to go and we’re sitting nicely in Leeds slip-stream

Ortega now regrets his request to leave and is repaying me with lovely, lovely goals.

Wingman CLaudio hasn’t had a lot of game time due to the prowess of Rai’s regen, but here he comes off the bench to send us to Wembley and dash Leeds double hopes.

Peter Reid’s Palace will be our opponents in May, but before all that, back to league business.

This looks like a big win, which it is, but it’s also against the team at the bottom of the league. Esanider back from a four month lay off with two classy goals.

Meanwile, the slipstream has reduced!

Just when we get back on top, we slip back off….

….and off…..ffs.

But Leeds are wobbling too!

Esnaider was sorely missed over those 4 months

We’re back on top with two games to go….

And our next match is against Leeds – the press are calling it a title decider, because it basically is….

It’s no where near a classic but the man who wanted to leave scores the goal that seasl the title. You can’t write this stuff!

Being the sentimental old foll, with the title wrapped up, I give some of the old boys a run out at Old Trafford. You can see why they haven’t played much.

Confirmation, by a point in the end

At the bottom, we say goodbye to Derby, Bradford and Notts County, for those that might be interested.

Like the title decider, the FA Cup final is no classic, but the Little Mermaid is on hand to seal the result.

Palace didn’t even turn up

Joy at a double quickly turns to sorrow as Juan is out for pretty much all of next season

End of Season awards time and I pick up the main man award

Bati-old has had enough, so I’ll be sciuting for his regen soon enough.

I decide to go for this guy to cover for Esnaider – what can I say? I love bulk buying South Amercian strikers.

I found Batigol’s regen too, who I have nicknamed ‘Dave’ in honour of the birthday boy!

Thanks for reading and please wish Dave a happy birthday! See you next week for our assault on glory at home and abroad.

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