What’s Your Beath? Part 30: Invincible

Well good morning to you, possibly for one final time from Cowdenbeath. It says all about the evolution of my personal life that when this blog was in its infancy about 8 years ago, I’d have about 6 weeks worth in hand to roll out seamlessly. Now, I sit here at 11:27pm beginning to type this up after a week (and evening) of having to pause the Cowdenfun to feed a small child. Anyway, Cowdenbeath are flying, having already collected three trophies with the promise of more to come. Here’s where we rejoin the greatest team:

The pattern continues of us getting ahead but allowing the opposition a sniff. A wins a win and we remain unbeaten.

Bigger tests than Raith Rovers lie ahead. It’s very rare for us to keep a clean sheet.

Over in the blue side of Glasgow, Rangers drop more points. We’ll have the league sewn up in no time.

Our visit to Ibrox is the usual haphazard affair where we slug it out but get a draw. To come from behind twice is a relief, I don’t want to give them a chance.

Scottish Cup time and Berwick have a good go at us, especially after injuring Freestone (Southall). Darren Young plays in goal for the second half as I don’t pack a sub keeper seeing as you only get three subs up here.

That’ll do.

Celtic in the league – we have them in the Champions League in a few weeks – and an unremarkable 1-1 draw. I really fancy going unbeaten the whole season.

Hibs are 4th but might as well play in a different country. 5-2 doesn’t flatter us.

Rangers keep themselves afloat.

Clydebank play rough which costs them a red card and two injuries. I’m sure we are partially to blame for the injuries but that’s for the courts to decide.

Champions League time and a dull 0-0 with Celtic. Two teams that know each other so well. Wasn’t it good, oh so good.

Wasn’t it Fife? East Fife, to be precise. An FA Cup Quarter final to remember, probably. We get very complacent when we have a lead.

Avoiding the Old Firm is ideal.

We edge past Dunfermline. Maybe the games are starting to catch up on us.

0-0 with Celtic again takes us to penalties, where Freestone saves three consecutive spot kicks against his former club. Granted, we manage to miss our last three but they are just that bit more incompetent and we edge through. Good grief.

Some tight matches across Europe.

PSG knocked us out a few years ago. Revenge?

Tynecastle used to be one of my least favourite away days but we’re too good to worry about that sort of thing these days.

Filthy Pavdog.

Ajao’s skull is back in one piece, so that’s nice.

Pavdog’s suspension will be less of an issue thanks to him tearing a hmstring during his latest fit of rage.

Captain Iceland is knackered too. Busy day for the physio.

Very busy.

Nevertheless, now he’s back to full health Chad Sexington scores a hat-trick against Rangers. A big result…

16 clear with 18 available. Nearly there!

Another narrow win sees us head to Paris with a slender advantage.

It’s a huge contrast most weeks. Paris, Airdrie, it’s all the same. The league title is secured and Heidenstrom nets, no doubt the Tony Adams “that sums it all up” line of commentary.


Two days later we’ve still got a semi. At Ibrox no less and despite falling behind early on, Woods and Walton see us through. Goodnight Jonboy.

Celtic win the other semi, sick to death of playing them.

An easier day is had at Starks’ Park. The invincible season is in sight.

A rotated squad sees to Hibs. Three games in 5 days is savage.

A tricky night in Paris is made easier by Ajao giving us the lead but we’re made to sweat when Christanval of all people curls in a free kick.

Champions League final! Anderlecht in Barcelona.

Celtic take another hammering off us. Bodes well for the cup final.

Clydebank pinch a late draw. The L column remains 0

The last game of the season and it’s mission accomplished. A filthy game finishes 2-1 in red cards and 3-1 in goals.

Tarlue got our 100th league goal of the season there and we finished a wonderful 16 points ahead.

A quick note from England. Preston prop up the table..

But win the Cup Winners Cup! They’ll get to play for the Super Cup from Division 1.

Cup final day sees us fall 2-0 behind and after throwing the kitchen sink, Syx’s free kick puts us 3-2 up. Victory is ours…until Santi drops down the chimney and equalises. Extra time yields no winner so we’ll replay in 10 days.

In the meantime, we retain the Champions League. Pavlov’s return from injury is timely.

In the replay, the same duo leads us to victory. We’ve done it! 6 trophies and not a single defeat.

So many titans of the game. Consistency from the top lads.

Tarlue’s 36 in 49 and Pavlov’s 33 in 46 are the back bone of the success.

Syx’s 25 assists is very impressive.

Pavdog takes the Football Writers award alongside my manager gig…and we’re the fair play champs!

That’s it though. Here’s our ascent to success:

An invincible season is probably my first ever. As this is our last episode, let’s pay tribute to some of the lads that made it possible.

Pavdog, the first player of skill to believe in us

Syx (Wilmots) has been unbelievable

Freestone finally solved our keeping crisis in 2004.

Solano shored up our leaky defence. Ridiculous average ratings throughout his career.

Bjorn just keeps going. A vital cog.

Last but not least, Alder wasn’t brilliant but he was skipper through some of the tough times. We had real difficulty attracting players for a long time.

That’s it then. 11 great seasons but to finish on the ultimate high of being unbeaten in 60 odd matches is the icing on the cake. Thanks to everyone who reads and interacts to any of the last 30 episodes, it’s always appreciated. We’ll see if I’ve got another idea in the tank for August. I’m going to take my usual summer break but there’s plenty of the weekday blogs continuing. 00:06 finish time then – just 10 and and a half hours before kick off. Goodnight all.

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  1. I think you went unbeaten with Ajax in a previous save 🙂 Always a Sunday highlight to read this blog post. Enjoy the summer!

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