The World According to Warnock | Episode 2: Immoral | @CornishZak

Happy Monday! Here’s Zak with episode 2 of a Neil Warnock based blog. It just works, you know?

“The money players are on these days is immoral. But you can’t knock it.” Neil Warnock.

Welcome back, Colin fans!

Last time out Niall Warnock was appointed boss of newly-promoted Kidderminster Harriers. Remember, the aim of this blog is to mirror the career of Neil Warnock, and first up that means promotion from Division 3. Can younger Warnock brother Niall get there at the first time of asking? Let’s go!

Season 98/99

I spend pre season mustering a squad blending experience with youth. All players as the aim is short-term success rather than longevity all players are made available and WILL be sold if price is right. Idea to reinvest money by recycling players. Let’s see how it goes!

Tony Warner, Jeff Kenna and Mark Robins the pick of the senior players. Danny Hall and Andrew Duncan I hope will form a backbone in the style of Matt Wills’ FC United team.

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The World According to Warnock | Episode 1 The Art of Management | @CornishZak

New week, new blog! Zak is making a return (Return of the Zak) but what’s he up to?

“The art of management has not changed. The art of it is still 80 to 90 per cent man-management. It is just a matter of getting the best out of what you have got.” Neil Warnock.

Hero or villain? Friend of foe? Football league legend or Premier league failure? Neil Warnock is certainly A divisive figure who you’ll either love or loathe. No matter which way you sway, there’s no denying his managerial record is an impressive one and his (most) recent retirement declaration will be both applauded and bemoaned up and down the UK.

41 years. 18 managerial posts. 1603 matches. 8 promotions. One Colin Wanker. [Sorry… Neil Warnock].

So, why here and now on #CM9798? Fortunately for you lot there’s a Plymouth Argyle-supporting blogger on the books who’s partial to a bit of Colin. Let’s honor his managerial achievements the Champ man way!

The Challenge: Neil Warnock’s kid brother, Niall, is on the managerial market. Sibling rivalry denotes that he must outdo his his brother at every turn, so will spent the first season biding his time before taking over the *randomly generated newly promoted team.

*Random normally means Kidderminster Harriers. Let’s see.

  1. Win double promotion from Division 3 to Division 1 with the newly promoted team (replicating Warnock’s success with Notts County from 1989-1991).
  2. Get promoted again from Division 2 with a new team. (As per Huddersfield 1995).
  3. Drop back to Division 3 and get promoted with an unfancied team (See Plymouth Argyle 1996).
  4. Get three teams promoted to the Premier league (as per Sheffield United 2006, QPR 2011 and Cardiff 2018).
  5. Take over a Division 1 team at the foot of the table post-Christmas and perform a Houdini escape act (See Rotherham 2016).
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Free For All Episode 5 | The Two Tony’s | @ CornishZak

Good morning and happy hump day to you. Here’s Zak with some free transfer excitement

Hello bargain hunters! Welcome back to the Belle Vue and our Division Three Doncaster side struggling to find form and rhythm due to the weekly departures and arrivals.

Here’s the squad – led by Ghana’s powerhouse striker Tony Yeboah.

We are out of all the cups, so can focus solely on getting up the league table. Let’s go!

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Free for All Episode 4 | The Dip | @CornishZak

Happy hump day! Here’s the Zak Attack with more from the Free Transfer database, where carnage is the optimum word…

Hello, welcome back to Doncaster!

We are currently battling away in Division Three, fighting off constant bids for players and trying to find stability. Come join the party!

22nd November 1997, Darlington.

Reminder, how the squad looks pre-match.

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Free for All Episode 3 | Squad Replenishment | @CornishZak

Happy hump day! Here’s Zak with the latest from free transfer town – if you’re interested in downloading the database you can do so from the link in last weeks blog.

Welcome back to Free for All, bargain hunters.

Our Doncaster side are battling in division 3 as our fax machine is constantly under siege by clubs trying to poach our players.

We lose no less than four more players in the break since we last spoke; Iain Dowie (Torquay, £250k), Wayne Carlisle (Huddersfield £250k), Nicky Culkin (Millwall, £250k) and Danny Hall (Charlton, £300k) all depart, leaving a somewhat depleted squad once again.

I hastily recruit three more bodies, ex-Man Utd younger Phil Whittam, ex-Liverpool youngster Sean Friars and former Crewe youngster Kevin Street.

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Free for All Episode 2 | Revolving Doors | @CornishZak

Happy hump day! Here’s Zak with the latest from a world of freebies – the database download is at the end of this post.

Hello! Welcome back to Free for All. A quick recap for those joining for the first time. There are 5202 players available on a free transfer, released from every playable English team, (plus some of the World’s best players and ex-retirees). All teams are starting from scratch building their squads.

You join the action as my Doncaster Rovers team – relegated from the football league in real-life 1997-98 – are battling to keep hold of players and find ourselves top-half after 5 games.

This is how we lined up for our previous match – a 2-1 win at Mansfield.

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Free for All Episode 1 | Free Market | @CornishZak

Happy hump day! We have a debutant today as Zak makes his debut though you might know his work from our sister site CM0102Blogs. He’s beenna busy boy in the editor and I thik you’ll like the outcome…

Hello! Welcome to my first post within the CM9798 multiverse. It’s great to finally be a part of Dave’s #blogsquad proper!

Right, Free for All. What’s it all about?

I have spent a fair few hours in Editor exile and released EVERY PLAYER in the English four-league pyramid from their contract, making them available on a free transfer. That’s right, from David Beckham in the Premiership down to Trevor Benjamin in Division Three – all released and available on a free. And, we’re not stopping there. I also thought it would be fun to release 100 or so of the World’s best, most expensive and more well-known players. After some late night Tuesday Club drinks, I also coaxed a few aged stars out of retirement; Robson, Shilton, Regis, Baresi, and even Chris Kamara. 5202 players in all.

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