Canaries on Song

Welcome back to 2011, if you’ve been with us since the start – power to you, there’s been some rough times, but you’ve stuck with me through the latter 90s and the entire noughties. Now here we are, the culmination of 2010/2011, where I find myself as Norwich manager having come from Darlington via Madrid & Sevilla. That’s an odd CV. What have I been up to? Well, let me tell you…

League Cup

The latest pointless cup winners are in, and it was a bit of a grudge match for Roy Evans, as he takes his new club Derby up against a club he enjoyed much success with before ultimately getting them relegated.

LC Final 11

Oh, Roy. Hard to take, probably. Still, he’s got a chance of revenge in the FA Cup

FA Cup

Roy! I’m sorry for ever doubting you. A shocker for Brian Little though.

FA Cup SF Results

Incidentally Batistuta junior can’t play for Sheff Wed as he already played for me but Bryan Robson is another with a huge degree of success in the FA Cup. How will it get on in the final?

sheff wed win FA Cup

How very one sided. Derby relegated too…spoiler alert there. Give it up man Roy

Division 1

When I took the rather odd move to manage a first division side, we sat 8th in September and I was aiming for the playoffs. However, momentum was building nicely until Sheff Wed shelled out £9m for my Batistuta re-gen, and now I’m just hoping we can keep it together. Remarkably though, we’ve got ourselves into this position:

div 1 top one game to go

So, three teams could win it and 4 are in the mix to be promoted. We’re definitely the entertainers with the most goals scored. As luck would have it, 4th place host 2nd place – it’s on!

last day fixs

It’s really on!

2-0 win

It’s off

last day results

Gee, way to go for it Blackburn. QPR are no use to me either. So it finishes like this:

Div 1 top final

The dreaded playoffs it is then. Coventry are brushed aside.

playoff SF results

So to the final then, and an early red card has us in pieces but Ogliari comes up with the goods as he so often does.

Playoff final

Promoted! Well done us. There’s some talented players in the squad:

norwich average ratings

Moustaid is Legwinski re-generated but he’s been injured all season. Zidane was ok for a 37 year old and got a vital late goal. Speaking of goals

ncfc goals

Our late run of form was amazing, deserving of promotion I’m sure you’ll agree


Anyway, let’s move on. Sevilla regained La Liga

la liga top end

Real Madrid all the way back in 13th I might add.

Champions League

Sevilla were on course to retain the Champions League too

CL SF Results

But that soon went very wrong…

CL Final 11

This was regarded as a “shock result” by the game, incredible really.

Premier League

There’s not much shocking about the Premier League though, Liverpool may have changed manager but they have retained their title – with ease I might add

Prem top Final

Man City are still managed by Joe Royle, one of the few original managers remaining. we already knew of Derby’s demise, but Swansea have joined them and Chris Waddle (another original) & his Burnely side will have to make do with Division 1 next season.

prem bottom final

Still time for some International stupidity. Who gets both goalies sent off?

norn iron

Oh and look who got a second chance

tomlinson in

See how he manages with a squad of no players which he can mould from scratch.

Who wants some awards!

awards 11

Remember when I signed Castro (Chilavert) for Darlo? So many memories.

So with another season in the bag, we just need to find out if Beardsley & Weah are going to call it a day and whether I should stick with Norwich or move into yet another new job. Big questions, which will hopefully bring you back next time. To end with though, I bring you news that Arrigo Sacchi took Napoli to the last 8 of the Champions League, before leading them to relegation and instantly retiring. Toodles for now!

sacchi retires

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