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Welcome to season 15, or the 11/12 season if you prefer. I’ve just got Norwich promoted back to the Premier League and now I’ve got to build a squad to keep them there. Problem is, nobody is too keen to play for Norwich. Meanwhile, firing season is in full force…

I am fairly certain this is Tino Asprilla, and if nothing else his name is Wilmer, so he’s been snapped up


I know this is Giggs’ re-gen, so he’s an easy pick

giggs re-gen

Let’s hope he fairs better than actual Ryan Giggs, who has been sacked by Watford.

watford sack giggs

Some other transfers of note, remember Leigh Townsend who I derided as sub-human scum for leaving Darlington on the cheap years ago? Well his career is getting better all the time

Townsend to Man Utd

There’s also the Figo re-gen who I took to Sevilla, well he’s back on his actual career path now

pinha to barca

Sadly he wasn’t keen on joining me.

Anyway, another of my former players is in bother

duncan sacked

Why has he been sacked so soon after taking over?

div 3 bottom

Ah, that’s why. He’s been replaced by Steven Cowe and he’s dragged Sunderland up to 23rd.

We may aswell stay on the topic of my former players from the Darlington football league days

mainwaring sacked

Yet somehow, he’s got a bigger gig

mainwaring to southampton

Oh and another

wellens to tranmere

Basically they all learnt from the best and now they all fancy themselves as managers. Good luck to them all.

An old favourite is still active, but has walked away yet again

KK resigns

Whilst it’s all change at Man City, with one of the very few original managers being sacked


city sack royle

Who do you appoint? Well it’s only former Manchester United youth player Phil Mulryne.

mulryne to city

Things turned out ok for diamond Joe Royle though

royle to AM

That’s not all though – can you sack football royalty?

everton sack beckham

Who on earth do you replace David Beckham with?

everton appoint snodin

Ah, of course.

Anyway, amidst all of this managerial frivolity, some football broke out

CS 11

An entertaining affair, with Batistuta junior getting on the scoresheet for Wednesday. I wish I’d been able to keep hold of him.

At Norwich, things have been as good as you can expect as a newly promoted club. We’re bang average, and we’re out of the League Cup

LC exit

The table doesn’t lie though, even at this stage

prem top nov 11

Bryan Robson really has Sheffield Wednesday threatening, and of course Darlington are still in and around the top of the table. Brian Little has struggled to live up to David Unsworth’s success at Liverpool, but you never know.

prem bottom Nov 11

Everton sacking Beckham has made no difference at all, whilst Wimbledon look quite entertaining. I still don’t understand how Mainwaring has ended up at Southampton.

Over in La Liga, there’s a familiar sight

la liga top nov 11

Not sure why Logrones are second but whatever.

The big news though comes right at the end of the update though, England have failed to qualify for Euro 2012!

England fail group

Surely Hoddle won’t survive this?

england sack hoddle

He’s gone! He’s finally gone! My hat is in the ring, but will my country come calling? Join us next time, won’t you?

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