Joni Be Good

After coming to the realisation of how big the job of re-building Newcastle United is, things have actually taken a bit of an upturn as our form has lifted us into the upper echelons of the table. Too little too late? Or the start of something big? Let me tell you about it…

As we drift into the winter months, everybody’s favourite cup competition has started. We’ve used it as a bit of a springboard and we’ve been given the toughest tie possible – away to the Premier league leaders.

FA Cup 3rd round draw

We love a big game

fa cup blackburn

Ridiculous emotions to miss a pen at 2-1 against 10 men to conceding an equaliser immediately. Oh well, back to St James’

FA Cup replay

Goodness me. What a result! It doesn’t end there either, and before long we’ve found ourselves in an FA Cup quarter final

FA Cup qF

Sadly that is as far as we go

FA Cup QF results

However, there are other cups

stupid fixtures

Who fancies a trip to Wembley?

winscreen semis

It will be a Magpie vs Magpie clash at Wembley in April.

Seeing as we are here, here’s how the FA Cup semi finals have shaped up.

FA Cup SF draw

Back to the more pressing matters of our league form, we’ve really turned it round. Just look at the reverse of the opening day fixture!

oldham revenge

Get in. This lovely graph sums up how mint we’ve become

div 2 progress

Very up. Ok, a slight blip in the middle but now we’re right in the playoff mix. The main reason is this man, the George Weah re-gen who I’ve somehow been allowed to loan but he’s not for sale

Joni march

His strike partner knows where the goal is too, but he was here when I got here.

ibrahim march

60 goals between them. One slight blemish is that the old big club release clause has struck again and my left back of 5 months is off.

mccarthy to city

The top of Division 2 is still toight like a toiger, 7 games to go and we’ve reached the top 6 for the first time.

div 2 top march

With a trip to Wembley to come too, it might be a canny end to the 12/13 season.

Away from the rough and tumble of Division 2, there’s a pointless cup to be won

LC SF 13

Gordon Milne is the old unflushable turd, 3-0 down from the 1st leg to stun Brian Little. Sheff Wed continue to be involved in the important matters, that Argentine striker makes all the difference.

There’s also the Champions League, many worlds away from where i currently am

CL QF Results

Juve, Darlo, Sevilla…you could argue they are the biggest 3 clubs in the game. The semi finals make for 2 good games.

CL SF draw

With that, let’s look at the Premier League

prem top march 13

Sheff Wed’s games are piling up so it’s the old conundrum of whether you’d rather have the points on the board or the games in hand. Really I’d say any one of 4 teams could win it, with Darlo clinging on with that game in hand. Look at Man Utd though…midtable.

prem bottom march 13

At the bottom, Norwich have began to slide, as have Beckham’s Leeds. Beardsley is back from his broken leg and is picking himself for Boro at the age of 52, it’s not doing them any favours though. Villa appointed Damien Johnson as player manager in the summer and that seems to have been their undoing – they have never been relegated on this game but they’ve got a lot of work to do to get out of this one.

So another update has come to a close. Join me next time as I hopefully tell you about a great season end for Newcastle – but I wouldn’t bet on it! Tata for now.

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  1. cant believe Ive only just found this blog! i downloaded again the other day and am only just into my 99 season, having made the usual mistake of signing every decent striker i can find on a free at the end of the season only to have them all unhappy at being left out the side as i cant play them all (i am unconcerned about the wage bill as I am pulling in 200,000 into st james park each week…cant imagine how that happened 😉 ). getting bored at looking at the same bloody photo though. oh for a glimpse of the San Siro or a sweaty Cruyff. keep it coming mate.

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