When I’m 64

Welcome. The future is bright, but it definitely won’t be orange, as Holland didn’t qualify for Euro 2016. That bit is accurate. However the news that Louis Van Gaal is going in search of further honours will come as more of a surprise, though the Dutch maestro is in charge of the Italian national team rather than Manchester United. Can LVG retain the European crown he won in 2012? Are Aston Villa really going to win the Premier League? What’s with the Beatles song in the title when I’ve made it adbundantly clear this will be a Grease medley as we head to Greece 2016? I’ve ran out of questions, so let’s dive in.

League Cup

It’s still pointless.

LC Final 16

Wow, great penalties. In the answer to the quiz question “what is the minimum number of pens that need to be taken to conclude a penalty shootout?” this is the answer. Brian Little, take a bow.

FA Cup

I’m getting a bit sick of Brian Little you know. He’s everywhere.

FA Cup SF Results

He won’t be in the final though, saving us a repeat of the 0-0 thriller in the pointless cup. Damien Johnson’s Aston Villa have emerged as a real force. Steve Haslam has a lot to be proud of at Blackburn too, despite this loss.

FA Cup final 16

The final is an extraordinary affair, where Villa take a 2-0 lead. This infuriates Mark Hateley goes into a fit of rage and inspires a 3-2 comeback win. Remarkable.

Champions League

To continue the Little-fest, Liverpool are up against Marseille. The French side are too strong for them though, setting up a final with Sampdoria.

CL SF Results

Sampdoria have been the real form side but they’ve had 2 managers this season and not quite hit the heights. As it is, they fall at the final hurdle of retaining their Champions League.

CL final 16

Sampdoria are nowhere in Serie A either

serie a top

Cesena. Of course. Gerry has done really well at Inter Milan. More on him later. Sevilla win La Liga.

What of Real Madrid? Well this happened


Jesus Sietes indeed. However, they still did enough to gain promotion. Well done David Unsworth

segunda final

But for real badness, come home.

Premier League

Last time out you saw my Newcastle team struggling to keep our heads above water. The media always say one team gets sucked in, well, this side are in a lot of trouble:

sheff wed no goalies

With both goalies out and a full squad, a central midfielder is in nets. Sheff Wed are all of a sudden looking over their shoulders

sheff wed league position

Both of their keepers are out for 2 months, so I reckon I need to win 3 games to be absolutely fine. Let’s see how many that 42 goals against grows to.

chelsea 9 - 3 sheff wed

Yep, Robson’s in trouble here

sheff wed problems

With 1 game to go, we’ve been able to maintain our Premier League status

prem bottom last day

Sheff Wed have a goalkeeper for game 37 and snatch a draw, luckily for them Norwich are useless.

last day fixs

So it comes down to the last day – Forest play Palace on Sunday, in one of those things that would never happen. At the top, there’s no fun to be had. Aston Villa are the Champions…

prem top last day

The 2nd Champions League place is up for grabs – Steve Haslam could stick a dagger through the heart of Darlington here

last day results

HASLAM! Champions League football at Blackburn for the first time since 1995. Great result for us in Cardiff – 14th is an improvement but now is the time to kick on and stop with all this lower half of the table rubbish. Norwich get a point but will it be enough?

prem bottom final 16

It is! Goal difference condemns Forest to the First Division. Confirmation of Blackburn’s surprise 2nd finish.

prem top final 16

Before we go to Euro 2016, look at this Beauty School Drop Out

beckham to scarborough

To Greece!

Euro 2016

Marcello Lippi has picked this England squad:

england 16 squad

Fashanu, Mainwaring, Shakespeare. All names who have had a huge impact on English history.

The hosts get off to a good start

euro 16 game 1

Lippi takes on his home country and apparent genius LVG

england 0 - 4 italy

Justin Cox is a great name. What year is it!?

hungary 2 - 1 england

Jody Izzet – or Jizzet, if you will, is the modern day Beckham/Phil Neville type villain. This better get Lippi the sack. Some pride is salvaged at least.

belgium 1 - 3 england

How embarrassing

group d

Scotland & Ireland are through, to help the English mood

scotland through

But France are out, Portugal and Denmark seeing them off.

group b


simao 16

And the final group. How have Georgia made it this far!?

group c

Goodness me. Quarter final draw:

QF Draw

Just as England fans are deciding who to switch allegiance to, Scotland catch England syndrome and the Irish are knocked out too.

home nations out

Italy and Germany must be the heavy favourites but they’ll meet in the semis.

italy win

I make Italy favourites, the Italian clubs have been consistently good in Europe for a number of years now. Semi final time!

germany 3 - 4 italyportugal 5 - 0 denmark

What a game in Oaka, and a mighty mauling in the Olimpic Stadion. Portugal vs Italy then

portugal 0 - 1 italy

LVG retains! Louis Van Gaal’s army!

Let’s end with some good news. Beardsley has decided to carry on for another year

beardsley 55

His stats are so bad he’s unrated in several areas. Great news for Rotherham.

Why did I make the title this Beatles song? Well, LVG is 64. Who else is 64?

gerry retires

Gerry! What a shame. The Spain experience has sapped his enthusiasm. It’s also goodbye to Roy Evans

evans retires

To finish with, here are some awards

awards 16

Damien Johnson being Premier League champion and Manager of the Year. Wow.

So before you all rush off to get your money on Italy to win Euro 2016, just remember, the Premier League is upside down…



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  1. Hi David,

    I Love the blog, great work and dedication! I was wondering after your many hours/years of playing, what is the best tactics you have settled on in CM 97/98, especially for Premier League sides who are also in Europe?



  2. Hello Adam,

    I like 5-3-2 passing style, depending on how good your team is you can expand to 5-3-2 attacking which puts in an AM. If you have a good goalkeeper you can afford to go a bit more expansive, such as 3-1-3-3 (LVG plays it with Barcelona on the game)

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