Spanish Flee

Hello! We’re back again, and as the clock ticks into 2020 there’s still more than enough incident to squeeze 500 words out of. But who will 2020 be a perfect vision for? With that joke out of the way, let’s crack on.

This update starts with one of the marquee clubs of Europe in a spot of bother

barca sack manager

As you can imagine, the’re not in a good place if the axe has been wielded

barca league position

5 goals in 12 games…unheard of at Camp Nou. But who is going to take on the role of saving them?

barca job offer

Hmm. I can’t deny I am very tempted, not least because I have a holiday in Barcelona this summer, but also because I want out of Newcastle. However, I also want to win the World Club Cup and be in a good position if the England job becomes available. So sorry lads, you’ll have to look elsewhere

chano to barca

This guy again. You may remember he “retired” which actually freed up the Sevilla job for me. Then he magically unretired and took the Real Madrid job…so he’s managed both Real and Barca now. Bearing in mind that was about 10 years ago, it’s incredible he’s still going. The spanish Fergie in that regard.

Anyway, because there’s no show without punch, the Spain gaffer gets the sack too

spain manager sacked

No real reason for that, just fancy a change. I do fancy another crack at the Spain job but they, probably wisely, opt for the AC Milan manager instead.

pandullo spain manager

Speaking of Spain, the Euro 2020 draw is out. England should be…I actually don’t know. By this point it’s all much of a muchness.

Euro 2020 draw

Back to achieving my dreams now and the World Club cup. We go all the way to Japan for 15,000 people to turn out on a December afternoon.

world club cup

Woopy doo. Still, always nice to say you’re the best club side in the World. My work here is done.

For good measure, we also add the European Super Cup

super cup win

Away goals, and 8,000 fans. Either football is very unpopular in 2020 or nobody cares about these competitions.

Something we do care about is the Champions League, where we’ll be looking to retain. Here’s a marker for anybody hoping to take the title off us

win in madrid

That’s better – and 10 times the crowd size.

CL group final

Bodo-Glimt did well.

Monaco in the last 8 then, and despite a rare defeat at St. James’, we put things right in Monaco.

CL QF Results

Fiorentina are top of Serie A so I’d like to avoid them. Everybody else is fair game.

CL SF Draw

West Ham are 12th so we’re heavy favourites, though they are managed by Gordon Milne who has a lot of beef with me going back to my Darlo days when he was at Man Utd. Up yours Gordon.

Both cup competitions are throwing in some surprises. Firstly, Norwich are going to Wembley

LC SF Results

The old Sheff Wed/Norwich final, of course. But for real madness, you can rely on the FA Cup

colwyn bay

Colwyn Bay are top of Division 3 by some distance but that is ridiculous. Arsenal are second in the league!

We’ll be rooting for Colwyn Bay in the semi final, with Bryan Robson poised to be party pooper.


Before I round up the Premier League, I know you’re all wondering how Beardsley is getting on. It’s been a barren few months for old Peter, despite celebrating his 59th birthday he’s even been pressed into duty at centre half.

beardsley centre back

That’ll never catch on. Still, he’s turned out 40 times this season, he must be knackered.

beardsley march

So to the Premier League, all of our exploits have taken their toll and I’d say it’s near impossible for us to retain the title from this position

prem top march 20

12 points is far too many, we’ll need a minor miracle. I don’t care though, I’ve done the job I came to do and much more. But where will I go next?

prem bottom march 20

Darlington perhaps!? Not going well for Haslam at all, I fear for them. I would love to go back there and re-build them to be title challengers, but I can’t let it hit my England hopes. Time is running out.

So as we finish another update, there’s lots still to play for in the final few months of the season. Barcelona appointing a new manager has made very little difference…you have to say this would be a great escape

LA Liga bottom march

So join me next time to see if they can do it. Ciao for now

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