In other news…

Greetings. I usually avoid things like this but here we are.

As many of you will know, I write all sorts of Retro Championship Manager pieces for The Higher Tempo Press. That’s included a complete play through of the CM series, a save where I tried to build an entirely British team to win the Portugese league and now, in time for the summer of football, I am taking Scotland to World Cup 2002 (on CM01/02)

In part 1, I laid the foundations and took a huge leap towards qualification

Part 2 saw us seal our spot in the finals and documented the final preparations.

If you like this blog and want something extra to read during the summer, keep an eye on the Scotland save – I’m going to live text each of the group games and if we get through, who knows? Either way, hopefully it’ll be a laugh.

For those of you that are diehard CM9798 – don’t worry, there’ll still be a new blog this Sunday, and I promise I won’t bring any other saves to the blog ever again.

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