Preview 5: Southampton, Tottenham, West Ham & Wimbledon

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We’ve finally made it to the final four teams! Preview 5 is here and the game hasn’t let us down. Sadly, my creativity is lacking in several places but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Right? Anyway, let’s head to the south coast to kick us off.

Southampton Dell Boys (Southampton)

It’s an unnecessary Only Fools reference. But you would cash in on that, wouldn’t you? Regardless, they’ve done some good wheeling and dealing to get the former AC Milan and Italy manager


As a World Cup runner up in 1994, this is a big coup for The Dell Boys. But have they signed any plonkers?


This is a strange squad. There’s hardly any goals and their best striker is being played in front of the defence in a 3-1-3-3 and he’s willingly signed John Salako. He’s also got mad man Jens in nets. There’s a lack of fullbacks and it’s a squad low on numbers. Very strange.

Current Position: 6th

Prospects: Sacchi deserves a medal. He has this side up in 6th and the top scorer is Lee Robertson, a £1.1m signing from Molde. There’s £8m in the bank to improve further, but this could be Sacchi’s greatest achievement yet.

The Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur)

More lazy Dave on show here. To be honest it’s a rubbish appointment and I haven’t gotten over my feud with this jerk from the previous save.


Wonderful. How’s the squad looking?


Good to see CM Legend Stefan Selakovic get a run out here, as well as signing future Spurs players Dean Richards and Steve Carr. Incidentally I have no idea why the name “The Spurs” is only the league table. I love that Luca Fusi is a sweeper only, that’s very niche. John Barnes is still decent even if he wasn’t ever a holding midfielder. Michael Branch has huge potential on this game however in reality he is now in prison. Who knew?

Current Position: 7th

Prospects: I have to say Milne is doing a good job, annoyingly. The squad is nothing special and the top scorer is Steve Watson with 3 goals. How is he doing this!? There’s £6m in the bank, Milne is about the only manager to buy defenders, so maybe that’s the future.

East London Hammers (West Ham)

A long time before West Ham reinvented themselves in the London Stadium, West Ham had the chance to rebrand and this is what I chose. However, I did not pick the manager.


His only previous managerial experience was in 96/97 when he took over at Forest following Frank Clark’s resignation. At least here, West Ham have a player and a manager.


Pearce has raided South America for a Brazil under 21 International (Silva) and Madeiros (Bolivian International) but he’s also got Nigel Quashie, Robbie Elliott and Rob Jones. Oh and uncle Dean Sturridge. John Curtis is a legend and future England international. Well let me tell you this: Robbie Elliott is the top scorer with two goals. TWO. Goodness me.

Current Position: 10th

Prospects: The theme of this preview is that managers are doing better than I expect. They have no right to be 10th but with £8m to spend they could yet go better. Fair play Psycho.

Wimbledon Aces (Wimbledon)

Oh look it’s a Tennis pun. It goes without saying that the tennis Grand Slam is seen as a marketing tool here, so that’s great. They also bring back a popular manager from the 80s


Bassett of course took them from the old Fourth Division to the top Division so he’d be a hugely popular appointment. He’d also get a lot of credit for this signing:


Before gambling quite a bit of money on Marcus Stewart


The squad is full of players Bassett would sign. Phil Babb, Frank Sinclair, Steve Lomas, Ray Parlour, Ian Walker, Mark Wright. Lads Lads Lads. Experience. Know how. A young Jamie Carragher will learn much. Karl Heinz Riedle is a good striker too


Yet somehow, Harry Bassett has messed it up

Current Position: 13th

Prospects: This side should be better, in my opinion. Stewart signed relatively late on so maybe they’ll improve in the coming weeks, but it’s one of the fuller squads we’ve seen with a few options and a decent balance. There’s another £7m to spend, so no doubt more journeymen will be acquired.

That’s it then, you’ve seen all the teams and their positions. For the avoidance of doubt, here’s the table:


Chelsea look so much better than the rest it’s incredible. The massive goal difference is no coincidence, they’re going to take some stopping.


Blackburn are already looking cut adrift but there’s lots of football to play and more players to sign. There’s still plenty on free transfers or up for “auction” so who knows.But what do you think?

I’ll be back next week with the first in play updates, as we move from October to March. See you there!

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