Welcome back! Part two is here, and if you haven’t seen part one, I’ll give you a quick summary: Ajax are really bloody good and they win a lot. In fact, we’ve lost only one match, a UEFA Cup 2nd leg match, and it’s November, so you could say I’m pleased with our start. Here we are though, entering the harsh winter with a target on our backs. Can anybody hit that target? To the dutchmobile!

Well to answer that question, Danish side Vejle had us very worried

vejle away

Good old Jari. I hope nothing ever happens to you.

Domestically, we had to visit Feyenoord which on paper is one of our most difficult games, so I’m happy to escape with a draw despite having the best of most of the game.

feyenoord draw

Whilst I was also cursing my luck that we drew PSV away in the cup, PSV hung on for extra time but soon ran out of gas. We scored first, stats fans.

psv cup game

With PSV out of the way, we’ve eased through a couple more rounds and the semi final line-up is here. Anybody suddely fancy a beer?

Dutch SF draw

TOP Oss is a great name for a team. Hopefully we’ll play them in the final but it’ll probably be Feyenoord again. Bloody Feyenoord.

As it’s pretty much a three team league, my trip to PSV in the league is pretty much the last game I can see my unbeaten run ending. Instead, we absolutely hammered them 1-0.

psv 0 - 1 ajax

This team, my word. Too good for the Dutch league.

In Holland it must get really cold in the winter as the whole football thing takes a back burner for a month through January. During this time, the transfer window ends. Two players come in…

curtis signs

bisgaard signs

Bisgaard comes in to compete for a starting slot, my right wingers seem to all get injured together but Bisgaard is healthy enough to survive in the apparent baltic Dutch January. He’s also not injury prone and versatile. We like this. John Curtis is just a known legend who will grow into a World class centre half in a few years, and is an extra option for centre half. More on this later.

Seeing as we have a month off, it seems like the perfect time to check in with how the Premier League is going.

LC SF Results

Bloody hell.

Prem top

SEVEN. Just when you think you are the most one sided league winner in Europe, pfft. That is quite ludicrous though. Speaking of seven…

prem bottom march

West Ham sacked Harry Redknapp some time ago. That defence is incredible. I’m glad I’m in Holland.

The Champions League will see an all English and an all German semi-final

CL SF Draw

Anyway back after the Winter break in Holland and it soon falls apart, Jari’s season is over…

litmanen injury

Poor Jari. I’m left with a choice so many have pondered down the years – Sibon or Dublin? Tough choice. We’ll need whoever it is to be on top form when we face Valencia over two legs

UEFA Cup SF Draw

On the plus side, the league is almost wrapped up

League top March

Six games to go and 14 points ahead. It might be all over before we even face Valencia. I would love to stay unbeaten, but the challenge is still young and the main aim is to get into the Champions League and win the UEFA Cup. Unbeaten can happen some other time, if necessary.

I’m a bit nervous of playing 3-1-3-3 against a good side like Valencia, and I’d definitely be worried about leaving Ronaldo one on one with Danny Blind if we make the final, so having Curtis allows me to switch to 5-3-2 if necessary. With Litmanen out, I can look at playing two forwards but in the summer I want a real glamour centre forward. They might get 50 goals in this league!

With that, I will bid you good day. An unbeaten update can’t have happened often in my 2 years of blogging so savour it. Happy Mother’s day? See you next Sunday.


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