(Future) Premier League Stars – Part 4

Ross is back with season two of the challenge I set him to build a team of future Premier League players. It didn’t really go according to plan though… (Part 3 is here)

5th!! We finished 5th. And the teams we finished above should give me some time to build a decent squad. An email from Alan Sugar says he has hired two people to ‘check on his apprentice.’ Odd I thought, but ok. So I had some snobbery women and man looking at me from afar with a clipboard in hand tutting a lot.

Funnier news followed though:


After 2 seasons the Arsenal board felt he had out stayed his welcome. Worst thing would have been him waiting around for over 20 years and stinking out the place…

Not many transfers to talk about, actually none. This ‘Brady’ lady following me around just says nothing and shakes her head a lot. “Alright love calm yourself, trying to do a job here” is the only defence I can offer.


Opening day is frustrating. We came back well, and always good to get Juan goal. O’Cascarino (read his book to get that joke) comes up trumps for Chelsea.

Now I have some guy called Claude is staring at me. Apparently the ‘Lord’ isn’t happy.

We play Wednesday on a Wednesday…


My new SaS is on form. Though with one a defender it could cause some problems as a strike pair. Claude and Karren had my players before the game selling programmes. Not having that. Though John Scales’ team did win and they went on a boat cruise after while Ruud’s team had to clean the toilets.

Our difficult start to the season continues with a visit from Man United.


We need reinforcements and quickly. Veron misses a sitter in the 89th minute and I can’t work out my best 11.

We finally dip into the market and pull out a bargain.


I’m sure with time I can build a great team and put some silverware in the cabinet. Also with our journey into Europe happening I know the fans will learn to love me.


Is this the real draw or is this just fantasy? Poor Queen jokes aside this should be a walkover. Would have rather a home game second but I’m sure we will rock them.


Mark Gower marks his debut by getting a goal. My 3-5-2 formation seems to be clicking. Playing Freddie Ljungberg as left-wing back is working wonders and with Notman and O’Neill up front with Bakayoko playing off them, this is an attack that surely will bring in goals.

I get an email from ‘Lord’ Sugar saying he wants me to split the lads in to teams of 5 and bring back something that would sell in the UK. Odd, but ok.

Next though we face my bogey team on the south coast.


Bogey picked, rolled and flicked. Notman is rested and Shev shows me what he can do. My young defender Haslam is also turning the saints into sinners. Praise the lord though an away win. Why I did 3 subs on 89 mins I’ll never know. But 3 points in the bag, more away from the bottom of the league and we are now into round 3 of the UEFA Cup.


Uh-oh. Again at home for the first game. UEFA have something against me. A young team will need to learn fast


Oh come on. Struggling in the league, away to Ath Madrid in one cup and a resurgent Arsenal in the League Cup. Now got this ‘Lady’ Brady sitting in my office saying its time for an ‘interview’.

I tell her some home truths about her and Claude. Time to start standing up for myself and my team of future stars.


Or not. Bit harsh. I didn’t care for the “You’re Fired” line. How cliche.

With more time I know I would have turned the team around. But it was fun.

Ross will be back soon with a new series but in the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @riddley82


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