The Gialloblu Chronicles – Part 4

It’s the end of season 1 for Ross and his Parma team, with the European dream over it’s all about the Serie A title. Can they find a way to beat Juventus to the gold? Catch up with the previous episode here

Hello and welcome to part 4, yes part 4! Count them!! I know you won’t.

For a brief catch up I’ve decided to take control of Parma and lead them to glory domestically and European-ly?

Let’s remind ourselves of the situation league wise.


With the top two going into the Champions League it’s important we hold off Inter and the man I want to spearhead my strike force one day, Ronaldo.

First up is away to Udinese knowing full well any more slip ups will cost us.


Sibierski actually scored the pen only for the ref to order a re-take. I swear I saw an official with Inter Milan blazer handing him a brown envelope. Corruption in the Italian game just doesn’t make sense to me so I refuse to believe it.

Our task is made harder as we find out Inter have won. Juve also win and more or less wrap up the league, to be honest I just wanted to get back into the Champions League, the first season was a ‘get to know you’ one.

We welcome Fiorentina to our place.


Tense doesn’t describe this game. Crespo is the difference but Thuram is my hero. Blocking more attacks than a dodgy MP.

I tell the players we need to score more and ease the pressure off. My nerves were put through the wringer


That’s better, more or less had a cigar in my mouth after 77 minutes. But I feel sick as I have never smoked in my life. Both centre backs get on the scoresheet and Stanic finds his scoring boots. Can be hit and miss that lad. My only moan is that Chiesa has gone goal shy.

Kieron Dyer offers to talk to him and take him camping. I remind Kieron we almost lost 4 youth players the last time he did that.

Next is a massive one. HUGE!! Away to Inter. We lose and we can kiss CL football goodbye.


Enrico finds his touch. Good job to, we went 2-0 down. Gives us a chance going into the last day of the season. I try to speak to Ronaldo after the game about joining but he doesn’t speak English and runs away from me.

So, last day of the season. Inter play Lecce and we have Roma at home. Now if you have read previous write ups, I’m still to work out who our ‘Derby’ is against. Luckily my lads are not the smartest so I blag to them that this is the one the fans look for at the start of the season and we need to do our end of the bargain and hope for a Lecce sized miracle.


All wrapped up before half time. Denilson actually did a lap of honour after 45 mins, till a steward told him there was still another 45 mins. Not the sharpest is our Denny.

At full time I see the lads gathering around a radio to get the latest on the Inter game. Sadly, John Curtis has the racing on as he put about a billion lira on the race back in the UK. Thuram manages to get the result on after holding poor John up by one hand.


Cheers all around, bar Curtis who turned a dodgy shade of purple before Lillian let him go. The board even come down and congratulate me. I see a letter with ‘P45’ on it, but assume it was a prank.

Celebrations are cut short after I remind the players there is a World Cup for a lot them coming up.

Whilst the dust settles let’s look at the final table.


A decent top 6, and to finish above both Milan clubs is a great effort.


Shockingly Roma are relegated. Fiorentina go into a play off to see if they stay up or go down.

For some reason the awards are decided after the World Cup.


Lilian deserves that and I’m proud of Hernan Crespo.

For those of you interested, the World Cup final was one no one probably watched.


Chile versus Belgium, how? I don’t really know.

On that bombshell, I leave you for another week. John Curtis needs me to pick up his winnings as he can barely speak still. Ciao for now.

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