The Gialloblu Chronicles – Part 5

Hot off the heels of a relatively successful first season, Ross is back with the start of season 2 over at Parma towers. Can they mount not only a title challenge but also compete in the Champions League again?

Welcome my friends. We made it! A second season, and the board are happy, the fans are happy.

Season 2 with my Parma Fam starts with some oddly timed but welcomed awards.


Proud for the lad. He is my captain, when Cannavaro isn’t. More awards, well one I think, come our way.


I call Hernan to congratulate him. Sadly, he still can’t speak Italian and mine is rusty. So, after 5 mins of awkward silence we hang up. My future striker Ronaldo gets the scribblers award. Soon my friend, soon.

Can’t really afford him at the minute, so I ask the board for more Lira.


Drinks are on me lads! But before I can even grab my wallet, this happens:


Thanks. So that means I may need to raise some funds myself. Dino Baggio has been hinting at a move. Walking into my office wearing a Barcelona shirt gave me a clue, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Later that day I get a surprise call from the Barcelona president. Dino is in his office already.


Joining Mr Baggio is a man who will probably never be allowed back in Madrid again…


Wow! I hear Real Madrid fans may turn up to the Camp Nou with Barbie heads to throw at him.

Anyway I need players. Big strong players.


A steal at £7m and some steel in my midfield… see what I did there?

With a solid first season I now need a trophy, so I want either the Champions League or Serie A

Before the season starts we need to qualify for the Champions League. AEK Larnaca travel from Cyprus to our bigger stadium. I put my strongest team out as I’m not sure what faces us. Probably need not have worried.


Never scored 10 in a game. Also I didn’t make any subs till the 70th minute.

I probably can afford to rest a few in the second leg.


They do like a red card this lot. Anyway, it’s good to have some back up players with minutes and goals under their belts. Now onto the draw…


Looks easy but somehow, we will make it difficult for ourselves.

It’s now September and the reason I haven’t mentioned any league games is because we haven’t played any. And for some reason its Coppa Italia 2nd round time.


Only 19,000? Glad that was money well spent. Still it’s comfortable win and we progress onto the next round.

Finally, we welcome Milan to the Ennio Tardini, and to be fair over 45,000 turn up.


Solid start to the season. But if we want the title we should be beating our rivals at home.
Torino away, and they have a bigger stadium than us. I really need to sort my emotions on this subject


A good comeback. But worried being voted European player of the year has gone to Lilian’s head. The Sibby and Denny combo strike back hard.


And again, the wing duo do the business against another team who seem determined to kick us over the park and play with ten men.

A chance to start the group phase on a positive note stalls as we come up against a Lars Ricken inspired Dortmund.


The score won’t show how dominant the midfielder really was in the game. And for some reason I’m not playing Stanic. He hasn’t done a thing wrong either.

A story has leaked in the papers im signing a player who can play D/M/F R/L/C. But there is no sign of Luis Enrique, instead I’ve gone to Yorkshire for a swede.


At that price, even if he fails I should get a decent profit.

Not lost a game, qualified for the CL group stage, only one thing left to get.


I celebrate by letting the lads watch the Godfather on VHS. Wish I hadn’t as they all come in the next day talking like Marlon Brando.

We visit Sampdoria and it’s an epic.


They really came at us in the second half and 1-4 flattered us bit. But we are happy. So happy that I buy a back up keeper.


With all the extra funds coming in from the extra numbers in the stands, a move I’ve supported from start… I buy Englands number 2 to be my number 2.

So going well in the league and the cups it seems set up to be a good season, even if it took two paramedics to remove a snooker ball from Kieron Dyers throat after he tried to say ‘I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.’ Never learns that lad.

Ciao for now.

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