Totti’s Team: Part 7

Who’s ready for season 3? Rob guided Roma to a Serie A and Champions League double in season 2, so how can you top that? Get the chequebook out…(Catch up with Part 6 here)

The aim this season is to win everything and keep my fingers crossed that Papa Maldini gets sacked and I get the Italy job. That said winning everything isn’t that easy. I quickly check the manager ratings to find I am Superb, though still not quite as good as Gazza?!


I use my ever increasing reputation to try and entice Del Piero and Figo to join us. They persistently decline my frequent advances which is a little annoying. So I go looking elsewhere and strengthen my squad with the following.



I’m going back to how we started season 1 with 10 central defenders in the squad. There isn’t much attacking talent available and we are quite strong up top so I’m going to hold out for real quality only. To buy all these defenders I have to let some of the originals go.



Since Capello and I are friends now I tried to warn him off Petro but he was having none of it and in truth I’m glad to see him go. Capello does make a really good signing though.


I was tempted by Vieri by didn’t want to pay the high price because I’m a little bit tight. A few other things of note happen in the off season. Param have had enough of Ancelotti so he is history. He’s only out of work for nine days though, he is on is way to Holland to manage FC Twente.


Man Utd and Liverpool do some indirect player swapping.


I can’t believe nobody else went in for Fowler, I can’t believe I missed getting him for free. I was clearly too preoccupied with Figo and that silly bid I made for Rivaldo.

Ok so that briefly sums up the summer break, I organise a few friendlies just to get the condition of the players back up to scratch when the Supercoppa tie comes through. I had completely forgot about Chievo and the chance for a rematch.


Before Nesta can kick a competitive ball.


Maybe those friendlies aren’t such a good idea after all or maybe there was a Lazio fan playing for the opposition. I’m excited for the Coppa Italia draw and despite wanting to win all six trophies I would just like to get past the third round. This competition has not been good to me over the past two years and I can only assume that is why I’m not quite as good at managing as Gazza is.


Right our first competitive match of the season rolls around and it is our Coppa Italia round two rematch from last season. Chievo have a new manager and I’ve bought a new back four, although one is injured.



What a game, what a crowd, what a performance. One down, five to go. I think it might get a bit more difficult than this and I can’t help thinking that maybe it was better the devil you don’t know for Chievo as the new guy isn’t cutting the mustard.

We don’t need to qualify for the group stages this year as league winners and reigning champions of Europe. However when the draw comes out I can’t help but feel they could have done a little bit of a better job.



Three groups with two teams from the same country, don’t they have rules and procedures to stop that happening? Our group isn’t so bad, we have inside knowledge of Juve, the other two are military medium and I’m acting very confident so I expected disaster.

Coppa Italia round two, job done. Telli has low moral, I’m not sure why after last year’s success, so Inzi is leading the line and doing a good job at the moment.


We’re hosting Bobbie Baggio’s Bologna side in round three which doesn’t happen till October.


It’s a late start to the league in Italy and only a 34 game season, which I love. Our first league game is away to Genoa. Two thirds of the team is largely unchanged from last season but the defense has been revamped. Panucci is in for Cafu, Iuliano takes the place of Santos and Pistone plays at left back for Lauchlan. Abelardo keeps his place for now but Smoje and Nesta are excellent options, I hope. I feel a little bad as Santos and Abs were excellent last year but they are both 29 and I have a funny thing about playing over 30’s.


A great start to the season and a clean sheet. Iuliano really knows how to make a good first impression but he makes it up to me in our second game. After talking about not playing over 30’s Oceano is still going strong at 38.


No Thor, Iuli, what the hell is going on in training.



Our third game of the season is against Inter and it is a reunion with Di Biagio. He was a great player for us in Season one but limited opportunities and the emerging Tommasi, Pirlo and Black Star meant there was no longer a place for him. I’m determined to give Kanoute a bit more action as he seems to score in every France U21 game.


It’s another good result and we seem to have picked up where we left off last season. The defensive reshuffle doesn’t seem to have unsettled us and we might have found another gem in Kanoute. As a little bonus Nesta returns from injury the next day.

Tommasi has been the subject of approaches since I started, there is no way I’m selling him to Capello.


Champions league action starts for us mid September with a trip to sunny Porto. There are no selection issues as all my signings were made way before round one. As I said before, Juve will be tough but I’m hoping for 12 points from the four other games.


It’s all going to plan, King Kanute (Double K) on the score sheet again and three points in the bag. We have a lazy day on the beach Thursday since we don’t play our league games till Sunday. The beach was a great idea, some 5-aside beach football helped our first touch and we dispatch Venezia 2:1 away on Sunday, Double K scoring again. In fact it is all going so well that I decide to buy


It is an absolutely unnecessary purchase for a stupid price for a player who plays in a position that I don’t need, so much for being tight. I really can’t explain this purchase, just a £15 million whim.

It’s only five games into the season when…


It does seem a bit early but then they are bottom of the league with two points and 10 goals against. At the other end of the table we are on fire.


Steaua really try to make a game of it in the Champions League.


and Verona are no match for us…


Double K just can’t stop scoring at the moment. So we head to our main rivals Juve in high spirits ready to put them to the sword. Lippi has other ideas and in a close game we manage a draw, unable to hang on for a victory.


But then another disappointing draw follows. Sometimes this game drives me mad, I guess it does add an element of realism, f*#k realism.


Our next game is against Juve again but this time it’s CL group stage action. Telli is a bit upset that Double K is getting more games, in an effort to keep him sweet I give him a start and he repays me. We have such strength in depth now.


We win in the league again, away to Sampdoria before hosting Bologna in the Coppa Italia 3rd round, interestingly the winner will travel to Sampdoria in the quarters. I’m a little worried about this tie as we have not played well in this competition over the last two years.


There was no need to worry. Our last game of this update is against my old fr-enemy Capello. He’s gone for a regular formation again which is worrying. Pirlo then gets himself sent off in the 23rd minute. A rejig of the team to bring on Tommasi is needed and in the 66th minute he hits a stunner past Rossi for an amazing 1:0 victory. I’ll take home draws against Atalanta for victories like that.


That’s the end for Part 1, we haven’t lost a league game and are flying on all fronts. I’m worried that we won’t be able to keep this going but for now I’m all smiles. Can we become the Italian invincibles? For good measure I am also the October manager of the month.



Rob will be back next week but in the meantime you can find him on Twitter @Taitanator


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