Flash in the Pan

Hello and welcome back to what is becoming a bit of a struggle. This is how Leicester City must have felt after winning the Premier League. We’re struggling to match what is look more and more like a one off achievement. Still, we’ve got a chance of progressing through the Champions League groups and all is not lost on a domestic front. Let’s see what happens.

Let the misery continue

2-0 Gent

I’m really struggling to pin down the problem here. How were we so good last season? The two Scottish lads barely missed and now they barely touch the ball and when they do it is ballooned high into the stands. Maybe it’s me.

Put us in Europe though and all of a sudden we’re the greatest team in the world again. The quarter finals beckon.

4-0 sparta

Patouillard is performing brilliantly but he wants to leave. The big French clubs are circling. Maybe at the end of the season he can leave. He’s a vital cog in this terrible machine right now. More importantly, he holds an EU passport.

Hang on a second, are these the rumblings of a recovery?

3-1 club brugge

Always nice to topple one of the big three a bonus to give Bergkamp a kick. That one is for Dabizas.

The Aberdeen sale continues. I suppose it shows the strength of the SPL that he’s moved to Rangers rather than anywhere else.

nalis to rangers

Off to Anderlecht now. Don’t you hate it when you come from 2-0 down and before you’ve even put your shirt back on you’re 3-2 down?

anderlecht 3-2

Idiots. That sets us up for the Champions League finale in Israel where we only need a point.

maccabi haifa 2 - 3 waregem

Three points! Just. It’s a last 8 berth though but who will we get?

CL Group final S8

Drum roll…

CL QF draw Waregem

Well. That is the absolute best case scenario. It’ll be a bit ropey after that but that is very much future Dave’s problem.

Time for another sub standard performance.

0-0 harelbeke

We are actually utter tripe to watch and manage. We create very little these days in the league games. Maybe the cup will improve my mood?

germinal 1-2 cup

I swear Tomasz Radzinski scores against me every time we play them. Musrri snatches the win in injury time. We’re just scraping by, but the winter break is near.

Another unconvincing win follows. How were we ever Champions?

1-0 Genk

As I prepare for a month off, it’s December and time to go shopping. We need goals. This Colombian seems a bit mad but he’s quick and can shoot. He’ll get booked a lot but his scoring record is better than a goal a game this season, and he can’t be any worse than Buchanan who has lost the plot after getting his Scotland caps.


I’ve also got this lad on a free. He’s ok. I have little else to say about him.


The new lad gets a double to see off non-league Oostende

0-2 oostende

The good thing is it gives me a chance to do this every time he scores:

I just might. It’ll be Gent next in a few weeks

belgian cup QF

La Louviere are up in 5th so to win here shows we might have a better second half of the season

2-1 La L

We’re 5th, which isn’t bad. Only 5 points off the top spot too, so rule nothing out at this stage

JL top after winter break

What is for certain though is that now is the time to make a move. The new lad scoring again here will help

2-0 lommel

Off we go to Standard Liege, top of the table Standard Liege and my word, we are still fighting for this title. Monaghan has found his mojo again

2-1 standard

Surprise contenders Antwerp visit the Roogy Boogy and the M&M partnership are at it now.

3-1 antwerp

We’re even winning penalty shoot outs, despite our best efforts.

1-1 gent

It’s the big 3 and us in the semis. At least we’re at home this time, last season was a joke.

SF Draw S8

However, the other club in Brugge clip our wings. In front of hardly anybody.

1-0 cercle

Champions League quarter final time and it’s fair to say I didn’t expect to gace Metz. Then again I didn’t expect to be behind after 5 minutes either, but then…

I promise I won’t do that anymore. He scores twice and misses a penalty for a hat-trick. I guarantee any write up would call him enigmatic. Still, a good chance we’ll progress from here.

3-1 metz

That will have to wait for next time. We finish at home to lowly RWDM. I do wonder what that stands for – as do the whole team, which might explain why we fall behind inside half an hour. The lads get it together though. We’re on a roll.

3-1 RWDM

It’s always exciting in Belgium, about 5 teams could realistically win this. Antwerp would be a surprise winner but then again so were we.

JL March S8

Anderlecht have hired a new manager too and their form has upturned somewhat. Our mad Colombian seems to have reinvigorated us though.

Speaking of reinvigorated, Beardsley might be bringing the title back to Aberdeen!

SPL top S8

He’ll mess it up.

Aston Villa! Why do they have so many games in hand? They are managed by Joe Royle and they’re going to win, so come to terms with it.

prem top S8 March

Do join me next time for the final installment of this silly old season, we’re chance to get smashed by one of the big lads in the Champions League so you don’t want to miss that. See you then.

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