The Gialloblu Chronicles – Part 10

Parma time on this Monday lunch time and the Ross Revolution continues. He’s hired a birthday boy assistant for this update but will it help him through a tough Champions League group? Part 9 is available here if you need to catch up

Hello and welcome to a very special update. Firstly, its number 10 and still going strong, but also, I have a special contributor. After being told I ignore him while writing this up by my wife, it’s with great pleasure to introduce you all to my 5-year-old (it’s also his birthday today) son Owen. He will be giving his expert view on each game mentioned today.

So, onto the serious stuff. We left last weeks update after a cracker of a game against Milan. Our focus though if I’m honest is the champions League.

We travel to Wacker Moedling for next. And we ‘Wacker’ them for 90 mins only to get one.


Owen: Why are your players scared to score daddy?

Not now son Kieron Dyer has heard about a Y2K bug and wrapped himself in tin foil.

We go back to league duty for the start of October. Home to Roma is still a derby of sorts, and I let rip to the players about needing to score more. This upsets Erik Nevland, Owen offers him a sweet and cuddle and says he can take pens. I say ok, anything to stop him crying and we don’t get many anyway…


What a game! Has more or less everything. Cannavaro gets a silly red card but we hold on for a great win.

Owen: Maybe I should be manager person? Hahahahaha, you pooh-head daddy.

Harsh words son but yes you did get the Erik on pens bit right. Now bedtime.

Confidence is high within the squad and I even let them watch Scooby Doo on VHS instead of afternoon training.

Now as you may have noticed, we have started the league unbeaten. I stupidly let this slip during a meeting, as previously said none of the players read the papers, all hell breaks loose so I have to put scooby doo back on.


Damn it! We draw level and have a great chance to go ahead. But Nevland’s missed pen seems to stir Torino and Cerbone mainly into top gear.

Owen: Did you want Red team to win today daddy?
Owen: so why did you let them?
Go to bed.

The team seem a bit all over the place at the min. Sibby is my main worry. The goals and assists have dried up lately. Which is why Melli is playing more often than not.

But I need to remember what the aim is this season. Speaking of which we play PSV next and they can tricky.


Or not. Svindal Larsen goes all Henrik and slots home a rare hat-trick.

Owen: 6? Wow I can have McDonalds for dinner now?

Also, great to see Chiesa score some, he can go through hot streaks, hoping this is the start of another.

Ok, the next game requires some explaining to me…


No nothing to do with the actual score line but the fact we get knocked out for this? Seriously, I have no idea how the Italian FA come to this arrangement but we are out.

Owen: (shrugs shoulders and pick his nose)

We need to refocus for our next game. Away at Old Trafford and I decide to really drill the defence.


Seems to have worked. Really please we managed to keep a dangerous team like United at bay.

Owen: this is boring, why can’t you score goals?

Thanks for stealing my thunder there son.

But he has a point, yes, we have played two big teams but we never threatened their keeper.


Ahhhh, three games now without a goal and Udinese snatch a late winner.

Owen: your face is very red daddy, like tomato.

I lock the players in the dressing room after the game for an hour, real reason being I’ve lost the key, but I’m not letting them know that. I demand a response from the players against Napoli. If not some may need a new club.


That’s much better. Crespo scores for the first time in what seems like a million years. Napoli said we were a bit aggressive with our tackles and losing Taglialatela was ‘pasta’ joke…

Owen: Mummy says you’re not funny.


And again! 4 more as well.

Owen: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Well put son.

We take our new-found confidence to Inter.


Bordin, if you’re asking, was a cheap freebie. And is starting to look a bargain. Crespo continues his scoring hot streak.

Owen: Why do you keep pestering that man called Ron daddy?

‘Ron’ still won’t join me here.

As we get closer to the turn of the century I know I need to keep the players grounded. They have a habit this season going great guns for a few games only to lose one.


Hey presto! It’s happened again.

Owen: They had 10 people and you had 11? Why didn’t you win?

No McDonalds for him. A very frustrating game.

We end our Champions League group stages with a routine win over PSV.


Not one goal conceded and 5 out of 6 games won. Sadly, Wacker do not register a goal.
I didn’t bring Owen to this game, Holland can wait for his 18th birthday.

We come to our winter break with our league form very odd and our European stuff red hot.

Something to think about during the turn of the century. For now, I leave you with some words of wisdom form the Birthday boy,

Owen: I like Cricket.

Lad will learn. Ciao for now.


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