CM9798 Academy – Part 3: Braizing the bar

The CM9798 Academy only accepts free transfers under the age of 23. All assets for sale. Catch up with Part 1 or Part 2 if you are behind!

Welcome back to Academy life. After an initially promising start, things started to unravel a bit in part 2 as we started to leak goals at an alarming rate. Some of that is down to losing our first graduate, centre half Danny Gee departing for Swindon, but really we’re just a young inexperienced side that will have peaks and troughs. I’m quite relaxed about it.

Jeff Brazier will help. Jeff decided to focus on his TV career after being a promising youngster who suffered a bad injury. He joins Nicky Byrne in the celebrity corner of the dressing room.


We’re also having a centre half injury crisis so I’ve signed yet another one. At £200 a week it really isn’t a problem.


Back to the action then and we get revenge on Scunny for our opening day defeat. We had to work hard for it but Cassin’s arrival from the bench proves pivotal. He’s really quite useful and doesn’t have a clause. Interesting.

3-1 scunny

Bottom club Darlo are so bad even Jeff Brazier scores. Finally, some form. A clean sheet is also welcome.

darlo 0 - 3

Sean Devine has made it to the Prem! Fair play. Notice though he signed from Stockport, so this is his 3rd club of the season. Gets about does our Sean.

devine to leeds

Brighton are our next visitors and a topsy turvy match ends 3-3 thanks to a late Crowe header. He went on to play for Leeds, you know. Good Boxing Day entertainment for…whoever our fans are.

3-3 Brighton

That leads nicely into the biggest game in our small history. The FA Cup 3rd round. Wigan are the visitors, flying high in Division 2 but we’ve got lots of…well youth is on our side. We’re taking a bit of a hammering but Nicky Byrne climbs off the bench (at a key change) and equalises. We’re set for a replay but then Roberto Martinez scores a winner and breaks our young lads hearts. A huge shame.

1-2 wigan

We’re mad. Angry. Scarborough are 22nd in the table and have a lot to answer for. I tell the team to go out and pretend Roberto Martinez is Scarborough.

6-0 Scarbs

Wowzer. Rarely is a performance so good it leads me to say wowzer.

Leyton Orient is our game in hand. They are 5th. It’s a tough game but Betterton is brilliant and young Gallagher equalises. I will take a point with delight.

1-1 Orient

The meat in this sandwich of three away games is Colchester. Delicious, Essexy meat. We fall behind early on and we’re utterly turgid with Ryan Morrison banned, there’s a lack of creativity. Big Bill Davies, defender/striker, climbs off the bench and causes mayhem, eventually stabbing home a late winner.

1-2 colchester

That moves us up to 9th. Our record since Brazier arrived is something to behold. We’re unchanged for the trip to 19th placed Notts County who have financial problems. Their star player, Steve Finnan, is on the transfer list. A real team would take advantage of such a situation…

2-2 notts co

For those wondering, we scored first in the 59th minute. I’m both surprised and relieved in equal measure that nobody has come in for Pearson. He has the BCR but his value has rocketed up to £1.2m. 29 goals this season.

We have a new club propping up the division and it’s Macclesfield. As is tradition, they give us a hell of a game and we eventually manage to put them away.

3-2 macc

Why can’t we just play Scarborough every week?

That puts us in the final playoff position at the end of January, but it’s tight. Hopefully we haven’t peaked too soon and these young lads will continue to improve as we reach crunch time.

Who is ready for a kick in the balls?


Norfolk n chance. He’s going to leave quite the hole in our defensive midfield position.

Always let the tribunal decide.

Norfolk signs

Ike Mashley is loving it. My search for reinforcements leads to my eyes popping out of my head

baker 10k

It seems there’s not many young players out there who want to play defensive midfield. I guess it’s because they haven’t had the flair and ambition coached out of them yet and let’s face it, nobody grows up wanting to be David Batty. Off we go to Swansea and, wonders never cease, it’s 0-0. How?!

0-0 swans

It’s all getting a bit fraught. My search for a holding midfielder has lead me to…Honduras.


He’s determined and and injury prone. We’ll be fine.

He makes his debut at home to Rotherham. On Valentine’s Day. We throw away a 2 goal lead in the space of 5 minutes and as I prepare to bollock them, Jeff Brazier pops up with an injury time winner. He’ll go far that boy.

3-2 rotherham

That seems like a good time to call it a day for this update.

I’d say “if only we could defend” but it’s who we are. Young, dumb and full of…never mind. Other than that FA Cup loss to Wigan, we are unbeaten in this update. It’s all down to Jeff Brazier.

Div 3 Feb

In fairness it’s more down to Gary Simpson, who averages 7.90 at centre back from his 11 games for us. He’s made of glass but he’s too good for this division. Morrison is out for 3 months, which is a blow. He is interesting Norwich and Ipswich but they won’t buy him if he’s crocked. Ike will be livid.

The Graduates

Norfolk has yet to play for Huddersfield.

Danny Gee has still only played once for Swindon. Cheers.

That’s it from me this week, I’m really enjoying this save so I hope you are too. Andy will be back tomorrow with Gateshead, then it’ll be Frank, NUFC and Matt to see you through the week. Toodles for now.

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