Building Brazil – Part 3: Capoeira Countdown

Off we go back to Portugal, where Rob Tait is building a Brazilian legacy. Is promotion on the cards? Catch up with part 2 here

At the end of part two I was waxing lyrical about my front four and how good they are, I know this is the Portuguese second tier but you can only beat what is put in front of you and we have been. It is the last push now, 12 games to decide the league title.

The first match and our mate Gil Vincente comes to visit. He puts up a good fight and it is close but when you have our fire power it’s never over and young Laelson pops up at the death.


Next we travel to Commander Manuell Oliveira house, Espinho are obviously house proud and so don’t bother to try anything and just spend the whole time running round cleaning up after us!


Eleven Birds come over on the 8th February and they almost steal our …… points but once again Laelson is on hand to make the difference. I really hope to keep him, the game A.I always seems more reluctant to buy non EU players and I’m not sure they know about the whole Brazilian glitch.


I thought we were at home for the next game but then when we are away I realise that it is our local derby game against Nacional with whom we share a stadium. Funnily enough the other two teams in Madeira have faired a little better than Wood Utd since the 97/98 season they both play in the first division now while Uniao Madeira are in the third division and have been booted out of the Treehouse/Barreiros stadium. Fortunately this is my strange reality and we are way better than them.


A day after scoring another couple of goals Laelson gets himself injured during training.


The end of February also brings me a little reward for our hard work.


March begins and Estoril come visiting we are without Laelson but I bring in Robinho who hasn’t really had a chance yet due to Marquinhos and Laelson’s form. He makes the most of the opportunity and we are close to filling out our 14,000 all seater stadium.


We travel to Pacos Ferreira and continue our rich scoring form, 10 goals in two games, we don’t even need Laelson. Obviously he will be straight back in the team, sorry Robinho.


And with that victory stage one is complete, that kind of snuck up on me. Although I’ve only achieved promoting the league are so confident we will finish first they pay out the first place prize money there and then. Better not fu*k it up now.


With the job done Laelson comes back from injury to bang in a few more goals, he is a bit of a flat track bully. Kal Dragan has other ideas and now the job is done he steps out. He won’t sign a new contract so the Yugoslavian Brazilian might be a one season wonder.



Sea Shore come to the Tree House and we look to avenge one of our few defeats. Marquinhos is picking up the slack for Laelson and they are both close on goals, the fight for top scorer is on.


Carlos has been so impressive in the second tier of Portugal that he has earned a call up. This came as a little bit of a surprise.


Following his call up to the Portugal squad Carlos shows us what he is all about away to Maia.


Clearly we are slowing down now and since we already have the prize money what does it matter if we don’t finish first! Well it matters to me so I’m glad when we go back business as usual in the next game. Unfortunately my captain and left wingback Carlos Zara goes down injured. He has been really good playing there even though he is a left midfielder. I might do a bit more experimenting with just regular midfielders playing in that position as it is always one of the hardest to get a high performance in. Fortunately the Zara injury is only for a couple of weeks.


In a sliding doors moment, Newcastle, who have had a bit of an busy season win the League Cup by beating Arsenal 5-0. This is especially impressive since, if you remember part one, they were knocked out in the third round by Forrest only to be saved my me accidentally closing the game while trying to write part one. Our victory against Viseu also secures us the title for real this time and the manager of the month award is give to me just to round of a good March.


Following our official victory we once again decide it’s not worth playing properly and allow Felgueiras to sneak a late victory.


We run riot in the final two games of the season scoring nine goals as Laelson and Marquinhos continue to add to their tallys.


And that is the season over, it’s gone amazingly and I can’t help but think we are not prepared for the step up in challenge. We only have 200k in the bank and we are losing some players that will need replacing with Brazilians. Not sure there will be many good regens to choose from and I’m not sure how we are going to make any money to buy anyone. I don’t really want to sell Laelson but he is worth nearly 2 million. Anyway those worries are for another day. Here are some stats from the season.


Assists – The front four seem to have developed a great understanding with 63 assists between them they seemed to love setting each other up.


Goals – A return of 66 goals from your front two is amazing and Helcinho with 11 helped. I hope they can carry that through to next year.


Avg. ratings, I think Edson only played one game, I’m hoping those with the high ratings can make the transition to league one and maybe we can find a couple of cheap/free players.


Finally here are the end of season awards, I have no idea why Antonio Sousa was Divisao de Honra manager of the year, Beira Mar didn’t even get promoted!


So that’s the end of season one, as I said it has been brilliant which makes me think next year will be really hard. We have to find a way to buy players, afford their wages, not sell our best player, although we can’t stop him going and at least stay up so we can attract some good regens/young players when they appear. Join me next week to see how our transfer business goes and how we start in the top flight.

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