Building Brazil – Part 14: Rob was right

Rob Tait has adapted his all Brazil save in Blue Peter fashion. He brought you Uniao Madeira’s rise but has picked up with his Sporting Lisbon save which is a far more successful version. Catch up with part 13 here.

We finished part one of our Brazilian Blue Peter adventure sitting pretty at the top of the league, 10 wins and a draw from the first 11 games. We are away to Braga in the first game of this middle section of the season and after four minutes Ronny puts us ahead and we cruise to half time one goal up. Unfortunately the wheels come off rather quickly in the second half and it is twelfth game unlucky for us, especially as Flavi C get injured too.


After the disappointment of losing our 100% record we finally get underway in the Taca at home to lower league side Marinhense, things are looking good up until the 71st minute when seven minutes of madness have me biting my nails as we just hold on for a win. You can move the Brazilians from one save to the next but their ability to throw away a lead seems like a mathematical constant. The important thing is we made it through to the quarters.


A very favourable draw again.


Two days later and we face Sparta Prague in our final Group E qualifying game. We really need to win after somehow losing both our games against Real in update one. Unfortunatley we can only manage a draw. I must have been so dispondant that I fogot to screen shot the game and went straight to the table to see if 10 points would get us a place as one of the two best second place finishers. Amazingly thanks to our goal difference we snuck through and Bayern don’t make it.



I’ve never been more relieved to see this screen.


No easy draws in the Quarters though.


After all the drama of the champions league we can’t get up for an away match to Academica, luckily RC is on had to score a trademark screamer and rescue a point. Flair 20 anyone?


Ronny’s been quite for a couple of games but he loves the carnival atmosphere away at Rio Ave and makes up for lost time. He’s too good for Portugal!


We can’t replicate the excellent result in Rio when Penafiel visit, Ronny’s on a come down and only gets a rating of a 6, so strike partner Leandro has to step up.


What a earth is going on, we couldn’t stop winning at the start of the season and now we can’t seem to string a set a results together.


I decide that to remedy this situation I’ll sign Rivaldo, don’t need him, but that isn’t the point. Unfortunately I’ve spent all the cash building this team and now I can’t afford to pay decent wages.


I think he should have taken the pay cut just so he could be part of this adventure. The threat of losing their places, and a weeks rest pays dividends as we run out comfortable winners against Belenenses.


That’s the halfway point in the season and those poor results coupled with Vit. G’s excellent form means we are only in second place.


There are five league games left till the end of this update and the first of those five is against league leaders Vit. G. Not sure how they have scored 35 goals, they only had one shot on target to our fourteen. It’s a comfortable victory in the end.


Next up is Felgueiras who were a thorn in Brazilian Uniao’s side but Brazilian Sporting have got this covered.


A little run is developing here as we brush Alverca aside.


The penultimate league game of the update is against Maritimo and despite their best attacking efforts Denilson secures all the points for the boys from Brazil.


Before the final league game we host Anadia (another non league side) in the Taca, the B team of Roddy Jetson (Romario) and Carlos Renaldo (Bebeto) get it done.


Uh oh, we face a proper team in the semis.


The final game of the update is against Estrela Amadora. Their super keeper Chilavert (he is actually really good in this game) was rating a 9 before his sending off in the 38th minute. Ronny doesn’t punish them from the spot but makes up for it later on.


What a set of results, Vit. G only manage four points in those five games and there is a big swing at the top of the table.


As we look towards the final update we are still in all three competitions. I’m feeling confident about league victory but the Champions league and Taca look problematic. We were champions league runners up last year but our groups stage was poor and Man Utd are Man Utd. Joins me next week for the final update of the whole Brazilian adventure.

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