European Super League – Part 1

Making a welcome return as a guest blogger is KingoftheRooks! He’s spent his summer making a custom database for your reading pleasure – so here’s the European Super League. Over to Andrew to explain more…

Hello and welcome!

What is this fresh hell you ask? Well…you will no doubt be familiar with the on-going debate regards the creation of a European Super League to try and further delight to pockets of the TV operators and further leverage the debts of clubs, much of which has been played back by Der Spiegel. Back in 1997, the Champions League had finally returned to a format that allowed runners-up of key leagues to enter the competition.

To see what might have happened had Sky set their sights on European footballs elite competition rather than the Premier League, I set about creating a European Super League. How you ask? Using the UEFA club rankings over 95/96 & 96/97, and finishing position in home league, I have determined two tiers in which teams sit (sorry AC Milan, you’re non-league now).

Alas, meet the competitors of the newly formed UEFA Super League:


…and division 2:


On that note, meet the new Champions of Europe’s core leagues:


Underwhelming, no?

In more recent times, we know how money has been thrown at clubs in the hope of major success. In fact, a significant outlay at PSG has not led to the European success the owners had hoped for. In 1997-98 PSG were unlucky not to make it out of the groups by goal difference. We will take these mediocre (yes, in the grand scheme of a European Super League we can define PSG as mediocre) men of Paris and see how much we can disrupt the status quo, whilst also finding out just how brutal an experiment this might have been. Let’s meet the squad:


I’ll probably look to add some depth to the squad as a lot of these players won’t be up to the task of playing elite opponents’ week in week out. Defensive midfield and depth in attack will be priorities as we have some good options at centre back.

The season gets underway with it’s usual curtain raiser, the Charity Shield, which is being held in Belgium whilst the new Wembley is being built…


Meanwhile, the results of the Belgian Super Cup (now the UEFA Super League Super Cup) is shrouded in mystery having taken place in Feyenoord under some intense blue pixilation how the referee allowed it to be played is beyond me…


And to round off the most hotly contested competitions, Real cleaned up:


We come through pre-season knowing much more about our side only for my best CB and most creative midfielder to get injured on international duty. So here we are for the Super League opener.


A first half blitz down at the fritz. A comfortable opening day victory for the money boys and some surprise results elsewhere too.


We are handed what will now be known as a derby in the cup.


Meanwhile, there is the bizzarity of the Champions League, here is my favourite group that was drawn:


A fairly even game descends into chaos in the final few minutes as my boy Elroy gets himself a second yellow. We actually had an equaliser disallowed too which makes the result even more painful. The board agreed it was a poor result!


Papa Roche gives away his second penalty in two days and it turns out to be costly in what would have been a massive three points. Juve limited the game to only a few chances.


Due to a multitude of injuries and suspensions, we play a ham-fisted line up against Parma with players wildly out of position, but Etcheverry comes in and gets a 10 running the show;


We follow on with a routine 2-0 away at Ibrox where Romario gets his debut. The array of attacking talent assembled is exceptional, but my defenders just can’t help breaking bones in training!

The space cowboy and his band of wealthy men are too much for Club Bruges, spoiled only by Gava getting a knacked pelvis and being out for 15 months…season over.


We follow it up by losing the French derby, the space cowboy has a goal chalked off and we just can’t get through Barthez.


Costa heads for an early coffee (aha) and we’re Etcheverry worthy of the result. We follow on with a visit to the Haberland against Leverkusen where Maurice leaves the field injured after 10 minutes and we have our pants pulled down 3-0, a poor result.

Celtic’s Wim Jansen is the first victim as Celtic sit rock bottom. Meanwhile, our cowboy-less wonderdogs become the first team to take any points from the pace setters:


A bore draw with Bayern follows as we just Khan’t break them down. Despite the wealth of fire power (Maurice, Denilson, Etcheverry, Rai, Leroy, Romario, Loko).

We close out October in typical fashion, throwing away a golden opportunity against ten man Barcelona side that have failed to impress so far. Denilson had 7 shots…


It’s been brutal so far, but there are some clear standouts in the world of cash rich European footballs elite league where so far there have been 26 goals per week at an average of 3 goals per game.


Meanwhile in Super League Two it is a lot of a closer run contest:


Over in England, the changes have opened up the Premier League into more of a spectacle than a one-horse race:


Go on Barnsley lad!!! And the new boys in Division Three are taking it all by storm!


Over in Spain, the inevitable domination of Real Betis Balompie is happening:


And in the Champions League, despite the reduced competition, Juventus are doing their best to finish second as per real life:


And that’s all for now. I hope this experiment has not sickened you too much. Stay tuned to see what happens next in the parallel universe of the UEFA Super League, will Ferguson’s United continue to dominate or will Juventus, Real Madrid or another contender (us!) haul them back?

See you soon for part two.

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