What ever happened to…Vikash Rao Dhorasoo

Dhorasoo is a solid signing for any budding side looking for a defensive anchor and made the cut for the last CM9798 Cup.

In real life Dhorasoo went on to sign for Lyon making over 161 appearances scoring 11 goals followed by short stints at AC Milan and PSG. At Milan he was in the squad which had a very unfortunate night in Istanbul against Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final.

He went on to feature in a film called Substitute detailing his role as an unused squad player during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

3 thoughts on “What ever happened to…Vikash Rao Dhorasoo

    • Must have known they were going to win the WC! Equally the German players are poorly researched and have a lot of 9’s and 10’s.

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