What ever happened to…Noah Hickey

Noah Hickey, one of 2 New Zealand based players in the CM9798 database and an okay purchase if you start in the third division. He was noted as ‘Minor Team’ due to Central United not being in the database. He went on to play in Finland and Australia before returning to New Zealand.

In 2010 the Guardian ran a poll on the ‘top 10 misses’ in football history. Noah appeared 3rd on this list, just behind Diana Ross USA ’94, for a bizarre open-goal miss for Central United attempting a back-heel, then instead tackling himself. The miss went on to appear in Nick Hancock’s Football Hell.

6 thoughts on “What ever happened to…Noah Hickey

  1. Can never get a work permit for him. I have the same problem with Carl Veart, who when I have signed, has been an excellent lower division player.

    • I think if he’s got a call up at the time its possible. Ive never seen a WP declined in 9798 only ever in later versions.

      • WP always declined for stoichkov re-gen, until like you say he is capped internationally.

      • Ive been able to sign unattached, uncapped African players in division three no problem. Wonder whether the patch has anything to do with it?

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