1. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – Transfers a plenty

Most peoples favourite part of management sims – Transfers. Not one to miss out, I set out on scouting to find those hidden superstars with unbelievable stats. I stumble across a few lads, who I think will definitely improve the squad. Those players are;

De Pedro looks like a great candidate for left wing. His Pace & Flair evident alongside great stats across the board. A banging debut as he gets his first goal for the club after just 3 minutes, in a dominant 4-1 victory over Everton. Shoring up the defence comes the legend that is Rigobert Song, and a potential star in Kenny Sivertsen, A 200k signing from Ikast. These 2 will be pushing to start at the RB position, although Kenny is out for 4 months for now! His stats and versatility look extremely good, and will be key to the team. Whether that be a starting position, or off the bench! One thing I learnt recently during some research, is that Ikast FS merged with Herning Fremad to create what we now know as FC Midtjylland!

Another player that shows me his worth, is the man above. This was a grind, but up pops Song to win me a hard fought game! Ian Wright is a beast of a striker on this game, and hopefully I can get loads of goals before he eventually retires.

3 new players join me in September, and I really need to make some space for any future signings. However – These 3 look pretty good. I have to remember that it isn’t about youth in this challenge, as soon as I win a trophy (Changed it from league to trophy, due to the 30 season limit) then I will be moving on. However – These 3 look like pretty good backups. Will start Albonetti alongside Adams

Seems like this unknown manager has just been sacked. Can only hope he ends up somewhere better. Does look like one for the future

Barcelona break the world record to bring Alfonso in, keeping with the realism. They also flex their cash, buying the goggled magician

So it is the end of this write up. We have been very strong so far in the season, but there is a surprise leader at this moment in time. Not a lot in it, but I do fancy ourselves in this form. Here are the last screenshots, see you next time!

Oh. Almost forgot!

Whatever happened to: Alberto Bernardi

There isn’t actually a lot to find on this lad. It is evident he didn’t fulfil the potential that CM have given him in my save. It would be better to show you his career than list the full amount. An Italian Journeyman, it looks as if he was actually a right winger as apposed to striker. Also – His career states that he wasn’t playing for Carpi at the time. Strange huh!

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