The Wonderkids – Part 2: Butterfingers and Broken Bones

Welcome back to our dive into the CM9798 database where we look to see how the youngsters the CM scouts’ thought would go on to be world beaters can get on given a real opportunity to grow. To sum up, we’ve built a team of young players with unlimited potential of -1 from all over the globe and thrown them into the cut and thrust of men’s football; The Nationwide Football League Division Three where grass would not dare to grow back in 1997. You can catch up with part one here.

We’ve made a very competitive start despite two of our ‘keepers lacing their gloves with Stork as a pre-match ritual.

The challenge that we face is whether we can give every player enough game time to help their stats develop. I’ve already shipped a player out on loan. I may also be forced to dump poor players into the reserves to allow the chance to sign other minus-men as we move up. Here is our current shortlist:

There are 655 players with unlimited potential, clearly not all of them will load at anytime and our shortlist only allows 16. Sikora is already attracting interest from Schalke and Reuser does not have a release clause so might not be available for 4 more years. No need to shortlist any Crewe players as they might as well all be in the 655 by the looks of it.

We batter poor old Cardiff. I would have enjoyed it more if they hadn’t scored with their one shot on target. Fingers of butter I tell you!!!

Next up its lowly Exeter, but we have a little bit of a problem I hadn’t thought through.

Juan little injury and Nicoletti having one of the biggest stinkers of all time puts us on the brink of defeat but Inzaghi saves our blushes.

Should have known when Nicoletti rhymes with Bonetti…The pain continues as a Tom Youngs inspired Cambridge tear us apart. I’m on the verge of binning some of the ‘keepers off and going to the shortlist already.

I didn’t want to, but we succeed in our first Windscreen game beating Southend 1-0 at Roots Hall. We fluke our way to a point at table proper-uppers Scunthorpe.

We trek a little further north for another grim outing. We win but at a heavy price.


Not one to be left out, Duarte slips a disk and will be out for 6 weeks. He’s just been hitting fine form at centre back alongside Dean Chandler. Ballack will slot in to replace him.

Brighton visit the slicer and despite Sorenson’s best efforts to fumble every cross we have enough fire power to take the points. Sundgot gets a goal on his second appearance from the bench.

Chandler gets goal number 4 of the season, the 3rd in the wrong end! We beat 1st placed Lincoln as Fleming goes from hero to villain and Manninger leaves us in the buttery fate of Sorenson for the next few weeks.

We are regretfully through to the knockout stages of the Windscreen Shield.

We head to Deepdale to take on Preston in the FA Cup and my oh my, Sorenson actually gets an 8 and we enjoy ourselves.

The FA Cup is kind to us, hopefully the chips are down!

Hartlepool take a battering but stand tall. Another clean sheet for Sorenson.

ABSOLUETLY BALLING! Yuri gets goal number two and Sorenson plays well again.

The minus-men just love a cup game at the minute. Cardiff are put the sword and Sorenson seems to have left the Stork in the fridge.

Meanwhile we burn Scarborough to a crisp in the FA Cup.

But there’s always bad news on the horizon. He’d just been picking up some superb form and a run in the side after two other injuries. He won’t play again until he’s 17! Billy Mac will have to put the music career on hold and step back in.

The dreaded manager of the month award.

We are forced into a signing due to attempts to sign an available minus-man. Nicoletti is dropped to the B team who instantly release him and in comes Marco Almeida:

But the monthly gong results in a defeat to Doncaster who have fellow minus man Isiah Rankin up top.

Despite the result, we sit top of the table somehow with an inferior goal difference due to some abysmal ‘keepers. So Bak-Jensen and Lauchlan probably won’t play again until next season which is disappointing. Several players are now out on loan picking up valuable game time. Sorenson is growing into a decent ‘keeper whilst Balling and Drummond are becoming good number 10’s.

Do join us next week, when we’ll look to get through Christmas and may even dip into the transfer window if I decide to sell Wijnhard who has failed to set Division Three alight; plus we are over-stacked with defensive midfielders.

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