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Ross Bell is looking to bring his 2019 CM Cup winning form to Elland Road. The fixture list wasn’t kind to start the season but as it starts to ease up, can Leeds climb the table? Catch up with part 1 here

We are back in West Yorkshire trying to rewrite the wrongs of Leeds United, After a less than stellar start last time out let’s look to improve this time.

Walsall in the cup next, should be easy…. looks like we should probably think about stopping Roger Boli in the second leg.

West Ham at home and after 3 mins the ref awards a pen only for the linesman to overturn it? Someone’s got a bit above their station. 10 mins on the clock and West Ham get a pen which Kitson duly converts, cool.

40 mins gone and the linesman denies us another penalty, now I wont specifically call the man a cheat but well, you get the picture. It finishes 1-0 because of course it does.
Lee Bowyer also gets injured a few months so the one creative spark I do have in midfield is now gone until Christmas as well.

18th place Leeds travel to 19th place Crystal Palace, we contrive to throw away a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2. This is going well.

Arsenal arrive at Elland Road in good form, I’ve given up trying to play nice football and reverted to 4-4-2 long ball to try and turn the ship around.
We lead through McPhail before Ian Wright levels before HT Jimmy scores with 8 mins to go and i think we can just about ho … on no of course Wright gets a second 2-2 again.

10 games gone and we have 1 win, a host of injuries and not a chance at a clean sheet. No wonder George Graham couldn’t wait to leave for Spurs.

Walsall 2nd leg we win 2-0 let’s move on.

Everton away next, Routine 1-0 for them without registering a shot on target.

Newcastle at home 4-1 loss, even Gary Speed scores, good god what i would do to have Speed back in this side right now.

Home to Blackburn, another loss of course. Tore Pederson with the first half winner. This is dismal.

A change was needed so in come Emile Heskey and Frank Lampard. With all my transfer budget spent on the two young English players it feels like i’m in the last chance saloon.

Chelsea are the opponents for our new look side and it seems the more things change the more they stay the same, at least Frank scores on his debut.

Heskey is already injured for a month and we lose 2-1 to Villa. Standard. We are 20th.

1-1 With 19th place Bolton, not good enough.

Can’t even score at home to Barnsley. How I haven’t been sacked yet is a miracle.

Wimbledon up next and would you believe it we only bloody won! Heskey recovers from fractured ribs to fire a hat trick, could big Emile be our saviour?

Obviously we can’t have too many good things as Nigel Martyn goes does with a broken pelvis….

The return fixture with Spurs up next and Heskey again nets a hat trick as we cruise to a 4-1 win. Now how many points away from 1st are we?

I may have been a bit optimistic as we face Liverpool next who knock 5 past us with ease and somehow Phil Babb also gets a rating of 10, odd.

Didn’t want to win the FA Cup anyway.

Man Utd up next and not only is big Nige injured his back up Mark Beeney also fractures his wrist, so we’ll face Man Utd with a greyed out keeper.

Lampard somehow gives us an unlikely lead before Sheringham levels and then Scholes wins it for them from the spot. Harsh

Coventry next and they take advantage of another grey keeper with an easy 3-0 win, having a player sent off early didn’t help to be fair.

Sheffield Wednesday at Elland road and we get back to winning ways even while playing another greyed out keeper. Frank Lampard’s winner 10 mins from time is the difference.

Apparently we play Derby, Literally nothing happened apart from Pavel Srnicek makes his debut on emergency loan.

Another game another keeper, Tony Warner this time on another emergency loan as Srnicek was recalled after two days in Leeds. 4-0 Easy.

Nigel Martyn returns but so do our losing ways, 1-0 to West Ham this time.

Crystal Palace are the latest team to take advantage of our terrible defence this time they beat us 3-1 and we look totally lifeless

Everton arrive in good form and leave in even better form with a comfortable 1-0 thanks in part to Frank Lampard getting self a straight red card with 10 mins to go

That’s enough for this time, we are entrenched in the bottom 3. I can’t take much more of this in one update so I’ll be back next week to seal my fate. Can I keep my job? Will we be relegated? Who knows, well I do but you’ll find out next time.

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  1. Ha! I’ve personally witnessed similar misery many, many times! When I hit poor form, it’s usually what I call a death spiral. Great read, by the way – made me smile.

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