Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 10: When V2’s Collide  | @RossBell__

Thursday will always be Cup Winners Cup, even though it hasn’t been around for over 20 years. Here’s Ross keeping it alive for another week…

Here we go again, Lets get right in to the action so you can go and read the other better posts on this site because the rest of the team are absolutely killing it recently.

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Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 5: A Wise Move | @RossBell__

Welcome back loyal reader thanks for joning me on another adventure through the trials and tribulations of CWCM. It’s another wild week so lets get going!

First up this week is Semi final cup action, Semi final ….. week 5. Scotland is mental, Anyway Nath’s Lazio have really started to click and see of Zaks PSG team with realtie ease.

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Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 3: Mark Hughes for everyone! | @RossBell__

Welcome back to another week of Cup Winners Cup goodness, its week 3 already, Nath has Covid this week after apparently I spread it via zoom to him last week. Get well soon Nath.

On with the action! First up this week is Barcelona managed by Nick taking on Matt and his Chelsea charges. Frank Sinclair up against Ronaldo, what could go wrong. Ronaldo scores in the first half, of course. Franks mate Jody Morris levels it 4 mins after making his apperance from the bench. A red card for Figo followed quickly by one of the Mark Hughes putting Chelsea 2-1 up before following Phillips advice Pizzi comes off the bench to win it for Barca

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