Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 9: V2  | @RossBell__

Here we go again, another week of the largely pointless CWCM. Deano is running away with it and the rest of us are fighting for scraps. Still bit of fun eh!

We start with a shocker as Dave’s merry band of fools pick up a win against Zak’s PSG. More on Zak in a bit but a good win for the Bremen boys.

I take on the challenge of the consistent Arsenal managed by Phil. 2 down at HT is never fun but thanks to two second half goals from Melli, who without i’d be bottom by a long long distance I manage to pull out a draw

The only one with any chance of catching Deano is Nick and his ’97 Barcelona team and lets face it when you’ve got players the like of Roger he’s always going to beat most of us!

Two wins in a week for Dave, as they beat Andrew’s Sampdoria side, Someone clearly doesn’t want to finish bottom.

Being 3 nil down to Lazio and then getting a player sent off is bad enough but then you get brief hope thanks to Tino only to have another player sent off really makes you question why you’re spending your Tuesday evenings doing this.

There is literally no stopping this guy! 4 goals Mark, FOUR, That’s insane.

Anything Dean can do Nick can apparently do better, 4 goals Luis, FOUR, That’s insane.

That result lead to Zak being relived of his duites as PSG manager, Thankfully for us the new and improved version of Zak, ZakV2 is available and snaps up the position.

This happened, Lets move on.

Even Nath’s impressive firepower cant beat the unbeatable Steve Bruce in goal for Dean as his charges smash another 5 past Lazio

An early red card to your best Centre back is a recipie for disaster as it proves to be for Dave who can’t make it 3 out of 3 this week. Rob’s got his team ticking along well.

Something of a shock maybe on paper but in reality Andrews team have been picking up form in recent weeks.

Unfortunetly the new manager bounce V2 was hoping for comes up against Steve Bruce and dispite getting 3 goals they only seem to annoy the red men who plunder another 5 in this as they approach 100 goals for the season.

Nick in’t giving up on his chase of the title it’s not as explosive as Man U but 3 points are 3 points!

Finally for this week is Myself vs Matt who before the game got the dreaded vote of confidence! This can’t have helped.

Thats all for this week as we forgot to get a league screenshot so you’ll just have to believe me when i say my Parma team are top of the league by a mile, honest!

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