Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 10: When V2’s Collide  | @RossBell__

Thursday will always be Cup Winners Cup, even though it hasn’t been around for over 20 years. Here’s Ross keeping it alive for another week…

Here we go again, Lets get right in to the action so you can go and read the other better posts on this site because the rest of the team are absolutely killing it recently.

V2 Zak is also killing it it seems, Killing Phil’s hopes of taking back top spot from Deano. Campbell scoring an OG is less than ideal.

The only one of us with any chance of catching Man U is Nick and he starts this week off with a bang as he beats Dave 4-1 here. Trouble is afoot for Dave and 3 or 4 other teams this week. More on that in a bit.

Speaking of V2’s Matt is also now a V2 after biting the bullet of the Chelsea board who at this point is Ken Bates the massive massive crook. V2 Matt however isn’t the upgraded version that Zak clearly is. More red cards and injuries continue more of the same for Chelsea.

Standard 3-0 victory for Man U.

At this rate i certainly wont be getting a second series from Parma. My results started badly and have gone downhill from there. 4-0 home defeat to Rob’s Zaragoza boys and its a sign of things to come from me this week.

The fire power of Lazio is too much for Phil’s Arsenal boys who continue their poor form this week.

Well guess who is next to become a V2 Manager! Fuck sake lads. Not you Melli, you I like. The rest of them however the less said the better.

Hang about maybe things are starting to turn for Matt, He of course gets the now customary red card but they hang on for a much needed 4-3 victory.

Don’t worry Dave it happens to us all. Going 2-0 up just seemed to annoy Man U.

Fairly routine this one, Ronaldo being Ronaldo.

Andrew is also 0 for 3 this week and also 0-3 in this game as Lazio continue their great week

A game Barca absolutely needed to win to give any hope of winning the league is being kept close until Vitor Baia gets his marching orders. Dean takes a vital victory in the race for the title.

What happens when 2 V2’s collide well V4 of course but on the pitch it equals a victory for Zaks lads in a close one.

After being tanked for 6 and 8 respectively in our last games only one of me or Dave could win here, Well i guess it could of been a draw. Dave wins because of course he does and I’m fired. V2 Ross in bound. nothing less than I deserve.

Phil is looking good for his first 3 points of the night but Gay pops up in the 90th min to deny him and round off our action for the week.

Now I mentioned earlier about troubling being afoot for a few teams, well because we are running this league in Scottish Div 3 unbeknownst to us but it seems every player has a non promotion release clause in their contracts. Which has played merry hell with Nicks time more than anything as understandably quality players don’t want to be wasting there time going no where in Div 3. Myself, Matt, Andrew, Rob and as you can see Dave’s team have all been hit badly! This is where Legends are born however last time it was Barry Combe this time let me introduce you to Ray Rice. We will always remember you Ray.

There you go then, Dean holds a 7 point lead with nine games to go!

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