Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 12: Pride! | @RossBell__

Here’s Ross with the CWC Roundup…

Welcome back for the penultimate week of CWC9798, With things still to play for we could have a very exciting end to the season

We start with Nick and his Barca side who can still win the league, results like this will certainly help matters.

Dave has worked wonders with this Bremen side. The board however thin he should be doing a much better job. Absolute jokers.

Nath pretty much has 3rd place locked in and I’m just waiting for the season to end, I used to like Parma before this.

Excuse the interuption of Rob’s formation, just wanted to point out we at CM9798 are in full support of the midfield duo he’s playing in this game! Have a great pride weekend everyone.

Arsenal are on the end of a 1-0 loss and the wheels have come off their season after a very strong early season charge. Andrew has worked wonders with his Sampdoria side.

Barca are on fire tonight, 10 goals scored and not even broken a sweat yet. It was only 1-0 at HT.

Anything Barca can do Man U can do better. A fairly standard 6-0 win for Deano here, Another bad week for Zak though.

I’ll be honest when this happened I was watching the Penalty shootout in the Championship play off semi final. Well played Matt.

Determined to prove his board wrong Dave hands out a beating to Rob here, His board still arent impressed.


A less convincing win this time for Deano but at this stage a win is a win, Well i mean thats true at any stage of the season as well.

Myself and Rob appear to be having a battle over who can concede the most goals this season, I have a healthy lead. He’s going to have to be really bad next week to topple me.

Kill me.

Fighting to the death is the only thing Nick can do and hope Dean slips up.

So there we have it for this week. One week to go anf barring a miracle Dean has this title won. 110 goals conceded in 33 games Fuck me Parma are terrible.

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