Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 13: Fin | @RossBell__

For one final time, Ross brings you the latest from the CWC 9798…

Welcome back for the final time as we discover if Nick can pull off a miracle or can Dean continue his reign of terror.

But first lets start with Phil and Nath as they battle it out for 3rd and 4th spot. I say battle but in reality Arsenal take 3rd with ease really, despite the best efforts of Boksic.

Rob’s Zaragoza team have done well all in all this season, one of the weaker squads on paper have held there own by and large all season, Pizzi and Ronaldo are too much for then to withstand however.

Ever since he found a formation that worked for him Andrews Sampdoria boys have been on a charge, Just a shame it was too late in the season for it to have any real affect of the league table.

As Fred Durst so eloquently put it some 22 years ago. “Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ What”. 5-0 no hassle.

I used to like Parma and then roughly 13 odd weeks ago they became one of the teams i hate with a passion. Shipping goals for fun, How Brazil won the ’98 World Cup with invisible hands Tafferel in goal is a mystery. I guess having Ronaldo might have helped.

Ever since Matt V2 took over as Chelsea manager they have been very competitive in every game they played, Taking a point of the very good Lazio here.

I feel like Zak may now view PSG much like how I view Parma, he either wins big or losses big there’s no middle ground with the lads from Paris.

WOW! No one and i mean no one saw this coming! Title race on?

I mean it’s kind of on but Nick cant be happy with this. That was the chance i feel.

Routine from Arsenal in this one and even Lee Dixon chips in with a goal.

Things are getting very close at the top of the table now after this win, I don’t want to spoil the ending however so i’ll just let you scroll to the end to see for yourself.

See what was written previously about PSG for all comments on this game.

Can i round off the season with a win, can i bollocks. Useless bunch of idiots the lot of them. Well done Dave.

So there we go, a season of cup winners cup winners going head to head. I don’t think anyone imagined such a season of dominance from Man U but in the end it was just a 4 point gap that Dean held on to. Congratulations to Dean and well done to everyone else who took part. On a personal note hanging out with these lads every Tuesday night on a zoom call has been bloody good fun and if you haven’t already you should try it yourself. Not with us though, go get your own friends. Cheers!

114 goals between them!

Quite frankly ridiculous from Bruce.

Just an average of 9.20. Mental

We will be back soon with something entirely different but also kinda the same.

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