Stuttgarter Kickers: Road to Tokyo – Part 15 | @Winkveron

Happy hump day and happy June. Here’s Dan with the latest from the Stuttgart Kickers…

Dortmund have been relegated, and have just £4m in the bank. This kind of offer explains why they’re in the mess they’re in. It’s not my problem. I accept it but the player rejects them.

When I started this save, the five objectives were as followed:

1 – Win promotion to the Bundesliga.

2 – Establish ourselves as a solid Bundesliga outfit.

3 – Win the Bundesliga.

4 – Win the European Cup.

5 – Win the Intercontinental Cup.

The first four have been achieved. Now it’s time for number five.

We sign the Enzo Scifo regen.

The Liga-Cup makes the EFL Trophy look like the World Cup, but we’ll take it.

We need a number two so Illgner’s regen comes on board.


The DFB are so impressed they offer me the national team job.

As do Bayern a couple of weeks later.

Bizarrely, for the first time I’m through to the quarter-final of the DFB Pokal

We’re doing well in the league, and have nine points from nine in the Champions League group stage.

Before we know it, the big one is upon us.

Wish the board would show a bit more enthusiasm!

The European Super Cup messes with our winter break but it’s the chance to complete the set.

Taking of stock of where we are.

What a signing Wes “Consistency” Brown has been.

Everything we’ve achieved has been with these ridiculously low attendances.

It’s been done on a shoe-string budget.

We’re on course for a 4th successive Bundesliga title.

But that, my friends, is the end of the road. I’ve conquered the mountain.

Thanks for following the journeys of a small club from the depths of the second division to the top of the world.

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