The Last Roman – Part 21 – Wheels falling off | @FMCM_FC

It’s the final day of May so here’s Nath with your usual Tuesday – a trip to Rome.

Hello Friends and welcome back to another Tuesday in Rome. We are halfway through Season 5 and it’s going rather well. We are top of Serie A and and we topped our Champions League group comfortably as well. We have a Quarter Final against Barcelona coming up but first let’s get stuck in to some league action.

I’ll take a draw here. Salas is brought down and the ref gives a penalty but Diallo, who was annoyingly incredible in this game, saved it. Wright then brings down Batigol and gets sent off but Goosens smashes his penalty wide! Batigol grabs a goal before half time but in the 71st minute we finally get one past Diallo thanks to Goma. Diallo was also taking all set pieces for Fiorentina weirdly.

This is a brilliant win as Torino are currently 2nd and absolutely destroyed us in the first game of the season. Totti gives us an early lead after some early pressure. Jardel blasts a penalty over the bar before half time. Pisciotta equalises for Torino but straight from kickoff Roll slides in Salas who makes no mistake from 6 yards to seal the win.

Great effort to turn this one around. Wright is suspended and then Curtis goes off injured which leads to Amoruso giving Perugia the lead. Gautieri scores just before half time to get us back in to the game. Salas turns it on in the 2nd half and grabs 2 goals to wrap up the 3 points.

We still can’t beat one of the top 3. Buffon plays a blinder to be fair. Tacchinardi opens the scoring before Effenberg grabs a 2nd. Falcioni (Mancini Jr) gets one back but Effenberg goes in again to kill any hope of a comeback.

These goalkeepers are relentless! Totti isn’t up to his usual standard at the moment either. Bonazzoli opens the scoring but it’s Salas to the rescue for us again.

This is just crap. Absolute crap. This is the reason we will never win anything. It’s a crap game throughout made worse when Rossini scores with 10 minutes to go.

I drop Totti. We are still crap but Mahlas comes in and bags an important winner.

Totti’s come back lasts 15 minutes before getting injured. He does grab a goal before going off. Mahlas comes on as his replacement and grabs a 2nd before half time.

That’s the lot for this update. Let’s have a look at the league table.

It’s been a bit of a disaster for us. Milan are racing away with the title and Juventus have now entered the fray. Join me next time to see if we can rescue our season and we have a tussle with Barcelona to look forward to in Europe

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