The Last Roman – Part 32: Euro 2008 Special | @FMCM_FC

Hello everyone and welcome to Spain for Euro 2008. The less said about the season we’ve just had with Roma the better. Hopefully Italy can give us some good news. We’ve won 2 World Cups so far but we couldn’t even get out of the group in the last Euros so we are aiming to get out the group as a bare minimum this time. We are in a group with Iceland, Greece & Croatia so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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The Last Roman – Part 31: Rome Is Falling | @FMCM_FC

Happy Tuesday all. We are back in Rome. Totti is leading the charge again. Last season we finished 2nd behind a rampant Torino side who blew everyone away. We have a chance in the Champions League again. If we can avoid Barcelona that would be nice. Let’s dive in.


Before we kick off just a quick note to say Totti was named European Footballer of the year again and Football Writers player of the year again as well. What a player!

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The Last Roman – Part 29: World Cup 2006 | @FMCM_FC

Hello and welcome back for another special as we enter World Cup 2006. This year we enter as Holders after winning the last World Cup. In the Euros we crashed out at the group stage which was pretty poor to be honest. We aren’t as good as 4 years ago and we are still transitioning from that World Cup winning team. Let’s see how we do here. Let’s check out the group stages.

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The Last Roman – Part 27: All Hail The Roman Empire!

Hello and welcome back to Tuesday club in Rome. Last season Totti came back to form and won the Writers Player of the Year award. Unfortunately we were terrible in the league but we did win our 3rd UEFA Cup in 5 seasons. Totti also went to the Euros where he was knocked out in the Group Stages. So let’s crack on with another season.

August & September

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The Last Roman – Part 22 – Red Cards For Everyone | @FMCM_FC

It’s Tuesday so let’s go to Rome, where Nathan is waiting for us…

Hello. Welcome to another Tuesday in Rome. We are past halfway in Season 5 and in the last update the wheels fell off. After a great start in the league some poor form has seen us slip to third behind a rampant AC Milan team and Juventus. We need to get back into some form to have any chance of winning the league. Oh and Barcelona await in the Champions League Quarter Final.

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