Cup Winners Cup9798 – Week 11: All to play for…. Kind of | @RossBell__

Here we go then, it’s almost over now don’t worry!

First up this week is a re arranged fixture which ends in a standard 3-0 victory for Arsenal. A og and a red card really compound Dave’s misery here.

Back to our regular league fixtures and its Phil’s Arsenal up again this time against the run away leaders Man U managed by Dean. In somewhat of a shock result even with 10 men Arsenal cling on to a 2-2 draw. Is the title race back on?

No would be the answer to that, If you’ve got aspirations of winning the league you’ve got to be beating the bottom feeders and my Parma side are certainly that. Could we be in for more shock results this week? Will I end every paragraph with a question?

Again, No. Nath’s Lazio are ruthless recently. They can even afford to miss penalties.

Zak could be heading for V3 here if he keeps this up, Even Andrew’s strikers are scoring. Wonders will never cease.

Getting your keeper sent off in the 10th min is not ideal, Even less so when he’s arguably your best player. Matt has finally found some form just 11 weeks too late. The Vialli’s can’t stop scoring this week.

Nick is back in form with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Arsenal. Despite Deano seemingly running away with the league. Nick is still in with a chance as we enter the final two weeks.

That form i mentioned for Matt earlier, Yeah well that kinda goes out the window when you play Man U. This was 1-1 at HT. Unbelieveable Jeff.

The Lazio board are going to be very happy with Nath if he continues this form! Even a red card to his best CB isn’t enough for Bremen to get anything here, Bremen’s board however are less than happy with Dave and expect a much higher league position. Ridiculous!

So that’s where i’ll leave you this week, have a quick gander at the table below and you will see it’s yet to be wrapped up. I’ve also included the leagues top scorers list to just show you how mental Dean’s tactic is.

See you next week!

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