2. A-Z of Football – Arsenal (97/98) – Winter is Coming

At the end of the last write up, things were looking pretty good. 2nd in the league, an influx of signings, Ian Wright banging them in and still in the cups. Hopefully we can continue this form as we hit the later autumn and early winter months. Hoping, that we can top the table by christmas, and perhaps bring in a marquee signing to strengthen the midfield.

Saying that, strengthening the midfield means selling a midfielder. Unfortunately, that midfielder happens to be this man. He has played well for me so far, I just feel that to push for a title, we need to attract some bigger names. Thanks for everything Ray!


The fee in this game is nothing to be gawked at. I have stuck a couple of bids in for some players that I feel would work very well next to Vieira. Also, another striker…Because I have a problem with buying players

A nice debut for Trezeguet as he takes the place of Ian Wright due to injury. Great time to write yourself into Highbury folklore in the North London derby!

And then, he may be 30 years old, he may have played for Spurs, but this man is just a genius on the field. I could NOT turn down the opportunity to sign him. Hopefully he can push us towards a cup or the league title. Obviously very injury prone, and has just hit 30, but with these teams being short term, he can help instantly.

Missed a transfer, but this man gives up White Hart Lane for Stamford Bridge.Just the £8mil for him!

Another manager on the up is this man. Where will he end up in a few years time?

Some massive moves made by AC Milan as they bring in this legend of the game

Not sure he will ever amount to anything apart from a fringe player if I’m honest. Never heard of him.

New boss at Aston Villa. Did not see this coming

Also, a CM 97/98 stalwart fancies plying his trade in Spain

Managerial changes everywhere! But one we didn’t expect so soon…Wonder what he might have said that forced his hand in this one?

It will be very interesting to see who will get that job so early on into the game. It will be down to the overall reputation and not how someone has performed so far, so a bit different to other saved games I’ve played. What is also strange about this, is that England have actually qualified for the world cup, dispatching Belgium in the playoffs. So with English patriot do you hire to take the nation to higher places?

Well, forget that then. Well played England. But who can Newcastle turn to? Only one option…


To finish the year, we make a purchase on a 97/98 hero, and also sticking to realism. Welcome home Richard.

So end of 1997, and we are looking in a strong position. A few transfers, a few tactical tweaks, and a great run of form. Here are the tables and statistics. Until next time, adios!

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

Whatever happened to: Gerry Francis

Interesting this one, old Gerry. The man with the mullet was living the high life at Tottenham at the beginning of the season, the fans turned their back on him about how he handled Darren Anderton’s injury as he continued to play him before it seemed like he was ready. This hindered Anderton and Francis’ career at Tottenham and Gerry left for QPR in September 1998. They were slumped in Division One at the time, and he left in February 2001 after it looked as if QPR would drop into Division Two.

He went back to his old club, Bristol Rovers, as they were looking to gain promotion back to Division Two but injuries took their toll and Francis resigned just before Christmas. After this role, he wasn’t seen in a managerial role. He did join Stoke as a First Team Coach in 2008 and stayed for 5 years, before moving to Crystal Palace with Tony Pulis. He stayed for a year until Pulis left the Eagles, as Francis left with him.

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