Monday Night Football

Welcome back to yet another episode of Monday Night Football through the lens of CM9798! We’ve got no counters and no half-time tactical analysis on a table top; that said, the Sky team of 1997 really missed a trick here! As ever, you voted:

And you voted for Arsenal vs. Newcastle. Last week you voted for Everton vs. Palace where we predicted Roy Hodgson’s side taking the spoils in a 2-0 win…we couldn’t have been more wrong…clearly poor Roy didn’t take our tips.

Back with today’s action. Since Arteta took the reigns in December, Arsenal have been beaten only once but there have been many draws. Meanwhile Bruce’s Newcastle are unbeaten since 1st January but again with some similarly boring results. What were you all thinking?!?!?


Arteta, being at home, will undoubtedly go for his so far trusted 4-2-3-1 and look to work the limited space around Bruce’s wall of 5-4-1, a traditional Bruce formation throughout his career (also known as 5-5-0).


Here we are at the home of prawn sandwich football, the Emirates Stadium. It’s a lively opening as Arsenal’s front four press Newcastle relentlessly, however, it’s a typical CM9798 rocket out of nowhere that opens the scoring thanks to Billy-Joel-inton. Arsenal continue to press and Tierney tucks away a pinball in the box for 1-1.

8 chances for Arsenal. Typically attempting to walk them in.

Newcastle sitting back like the good away team, soaking up the pressure.

Second half:

The second half is a completely drab affair with little to no chances of note and the game peters out to a score-draw. Shite.

Mustafi gets MotM for an exceptional display of passing, tackling and heading.

Meanwhile Lascelles put in a typical captains display with numerous key tackles and headers.

And with that, two of the Premier Leagues most boring teams play out one of the most boring games in the history of boring games (not quite the time Fulham won without having a shot but hey!). I think that’s not a bad prediction, do you?

Back in time:

On the 11th of April 1998 these two teams met in a pre-curser to the FA Cup final that included le grand sulk and a goal from Warren Barton. It ended 3-1 to the Gunners, but what did CM9798 have to say about that?

Line Ups:

The Result:

What do you know, the outcome is the same as today’s result. Despite a Remi Garde red card for deliberate handball, it was all Arsenal and Newcastle were lucky to get a goal.

And that’s a wrap on today’s Monday Night Football. I hope you’ve enjoyed our appalling guess work and a look into the past. We’ll see you again soon and keep an eye out for the next vote!

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