6. A-Z of Football – Brescia (98/99) – A step too far?

Liam is back with the latest from the A-Z challenge. Last week, Liam landed the Brescia job but had it all to do to make a promotion charge. Let’s see how the end of the season pans out…

So, we left off last time 13 points from 4th place, and potential promotion. if not, we will be keeping our hotel room in Brescia for another season (Unless I get a better “B” option of course!)

Personally, I believe I should stay at the club until I win a trophy, it may be something I set myself. Looking forward to the transfer window opening too. A lot of my players are out of contract at the end of the season, so can make a nice overhaul.

The next game see’s me beat Ancona, whilst Castel Di Sangro lose, meaning the game is now 10 points with 8 games left. It COULD happen. Unlikely, but it could.

A few bad results however, and the season is over. It is only next season when we need to win the league for me to leave. Promotion is not an option. Bring on the damn transfer window!

An all Italian affair in the UEFA Cup brings Lazio beating Roma

The cup winners cup won’t be coming to Italy though, as Inter lose against Auxerre, in France

Liverpool beat my former club in the FA Cup final, Jack Charlton doing his best to ruin my former club’s legacy.

The champions league also won’t be coming to Italy, as Barcelona smash AC in the final. Some big names here…

Season is now over, and we do finish in a comfortable 7th place. Next season? 1st.

Awards come in, might need to check that European Footballer of the Year…Don’t care much for the Italy awards so here are the English ones!

I find myself bidding on a couple of players (Julio Cesar CB and Andrei Kanchelskis) but they both retire. Quite happy with their replacements, and they both join the club on free transfers (Both were free transfers before regen)

Arsenal making moves in the transfer market however, as they pick up Keith O’Neill

It seems to be very hard picking up some free transfers due to wage demands, and the fact I can only offer £1k. I think I will be focusing a lot on the players my scouts manage to find! Arsenal making some more moves, but they seem to be wasting money on some pretty average players…

Another player that I rememeber well, Alain Gome (COME ON FULHAM) has his choice of clubs, and he chooses Inter Milan

Every player I bloody try to bring in, refuses. I have no chance of winning this league if I can’t replace the players that have left on a free. Frustratingly. Based on that, onto the next season. See you next time!

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

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