Monday Night Football – Special Edition

Hello and welcome back to another Monday Night Football after our brief week off for the International weekend. As ever we’ll take (what would have been) some of the weekends Premier League games and give them a CM9798 makeover. For this weekends could have beens, we’ll be going back in time for Saturday’s fixtures to 1997:

And it throws up no level playing fields. The most dramatic differential being Division Three Brighton at home to the class of 92. Let’s see how they get on.

Arsenal vs. Norwich

The future double winners stroll into a comfortable lead through the grand sulk and Viera. Not to fade away Norwich get back into it and Bellamy misses a sitter at the death for a real upset.

Aston Villa vs. Wolves

Wolves almost delivered an upset in the derby but it became one to Froggatt about. Villa cruising home in the last 6 minutes.

Bournemouth vs. Newcastle

Newcastle struggle to turn over much weaker opposition (sound familiar???) with Shearer out injured. Andersson and Rush put an end to Eddie’s hopes as we wonder Howe they didn’t get beat by more after facing 28 shots.

Brighton vs. Manchester United

The biggest divide in the fixtures and boy does it show…well, at least for 32 minutes anyway. The second half was all Brighton, but they couldn’t find a way through the big Dane.

Crystal Palace vs. Burnley

Stan always said when he arrived in Burnley that Waddle had assembled a shambles of a squad, and the display from Chris Woods would suggest it (a 4 at half-time). Palace cruised home here with no threat at all.

Sheffield United vs. Tottenham

Spurs controlled the game from start to finish, and its unsurprising that Klinsmann fires them home. Saunders was shocking and ineffective for Utd.

Watford vs. Southampton

The gift that keeps on giving. Noel-Williams has a house party to celebrate a fine display as the Dell Boys are rolled over and tickled. There’s ALWAYS a shock result in CM9798. Perhaps Watford could be a good save if you can keep the squad together?

The Results

And that’s a wrap on another special edition of Monday Night Football. I hope you have enjoyed our spin on the fixtures and maybe gave you thoughts for a #cm9798challenge. We’ll be taking a break next week but we’ll be sure to see you again soon.

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