11. A-Z of Football – ??? (00/01) – A sailor went to C C C

Liavinco is back with the A-Z challenge. Now he’s won the league with Brescia, where will he be off to next? Or will he stay put?

Last update we won the league with Brescia, meaning I am free to leave to a C team. Again – I decide to resign at the beginning of the season to give me the best chance to move elsewhere, also means that the game will run a little bit faster.

This gap also gives us more chance to see what happens around the world of football, especially with the Euro’s just around the corner.

First off, another strange managerial appointment in Italy, as Pescara opt for this former Inter Milan manager

Roy Hodgson, who will always have a place in my heart for what he done for my club, takes the leap to Pescara who finished 11th in Serie B.

A transfer that goes under the radar in Serie B, as Fidelis Andria decide to go for a young striker from Como for £3.3mil. A large fee in Serie B. Who on earth would that be?

Yes, Luca Toni, with his amazing 6.32 average rating! What a fantastic season for him

So over to Euro 2020 and I decided not to go in depth, but we are at the Semi Final stage which looks like this;

Rather surprisingly, Sweden see off Holland on penalties, and Richard Wright the hero as England defeat Spain 1-0, thanks to a goal from Alan Shearer.

Big transfer again moving over to Italy, as highly rated Sean Dundee makes the switch from Zaragoza to Fiorentina. Am I the only one that wants to see him end up at Dundee?

The money is also flying about in Scandinavia, how are they spending this much?

So now it is time, the European Championship Finals. Sweden vs England at De Kuip in Feyenoord. Can England put the past behind them and actually win their first major tournament since 1966?

Nope. This time it is Bengt Andersson in the Sweden goal that is the hero of the final. Goals from Patrik Anderson and Hakan Mild see the trophy head to Sweden. Interesting to see the centre back pairing of Michael Duberry and Andrew O’Brien in an international final, but they have earned their place!

More proof of the lack of loyalty in Italy, as Mark Iuliano, who left Juventus for AC Milan, makes the jump to Inter Milan. Who next for him, Roma?

Over to the Italian rewards, and my double signing Alberto Bernardi picks up Top Goalscorer. Gianpiero Ventura picks up Serie B manager of the year over me, which makes no sense. Whatever.

Over in England, player of the year goes to an amazing player, who in real life had one hell of a career. Take a bow!….Neil Whitworth?

Some big news however as another double signing of mine, and the best player in Bulgarian history, Hristo Stoichkov hangs up his boots. A bit strange, as he did just have a fantastic season for me. Chance for me to perhaps hunt for his regen!

Following that, a bit retirement in the managerial world

Some free transfers that are going through. Winston Bogarde makes the move to Juventus

The first offer comes in from Levante. Unless they were called Cevante, I can’t take it lads. Sorry!

Man Utd make a high profile signing, tempting Lee Bowyer over from Celtic, with Grant Brebner going the other way

Another managerial offer. Nope

It is really hard to get screenshots when not at a club, all this auto-continue stuff makes it really difficult, I will give it a go anyway! Another new jobs offer, which comes 2 years too late. Would have made the story a little interesting!

And then they coming rolling in

And the very tough one, my team offer me the role. Soon lads, soon…

And then, we get the job offer on the 6th December. A bit of work to be done in this one! Find out next episode

If any of you are interested in my twitch, where I play FIFA predominantly, you can catch me at twitch.tv/Liavinco. Come and join the rage!

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