Monday Night Football – Back In Time: Match Week 34

Welcome back to our regular feature Monday Night Football where this week we’re going to take a trip down memory lane to 18th of April 1998 for match week 34 of the 6th Premier League Season. That weekend included 4 one-all draws and a 5-0 thumping by soon to be Champions Arsenal. But what could have happened that weekend if the CM9798 match engine was in charge? Let’s find out!

Barnsley vs. Tottenham

This was a relegation tussle where any loser would end up in the drop zone, a battle of great football minds, Danny Wilson vs. Christian Gross. How that Spurs squad ended up down there, god only knows.

Real Outcome: 1 – 1

CM9798 Outcome: 2 – 2

Bolton vs. Leeds

Colin Todd battling for survival and George Graham pushing for Europe.

Real Outcome: 2 – 3

CM9798 Outcome: 0 – 2

Don’t Hassle the Baink.

Crystal Palace vs. Derby

Palace were dead and buried by this stage and Derby were left with nothing to play for with very little chance of bothering the European spots.

Real Outcome: 3 – 1

CM9798 Outcome: 0 – 1

One Italian does another over.

Everton vs. Leicester

Everton needed at least another win to get beyond 40 points while Leicester were sat in mid-table with nothing to play for.

Real Outcome: 1 – 1

CM9798 Outcome:  0 – 1

Southampton vs. Aston Villa

Two teams again with almost nothing to play for. Villa needing largely a miracle at this stage break into the top 5.

Real Outcome: 1 – 2

CM9798 Outcome:  1 – 2

West Ham vs. Blackburn

Two sides who were hopeful of overhauling Leeds United and squeezing into 5th place. Blackburn far from the champions they once were and West Ham, how they would long for a season like this!

Real Outcome: 2 – 1

CM9798 Outcome:  1 – 5

The Dahlin of Blackburn fans running the show.

The Big Match(s)

In match week 34 Arsenal overtook Ferguson’s United to climb to the summit of the FA Carling Premiership, but what would CM9798 have to say about that? First, we visit Highbury:

Arsenal vs. Wimbledon

CM9798 has injury ravaged the Arsenal side so this was the best they could summon.

Meanwhile the CM gods left the Dons squad un-touched.

The powerful wits of Arsene Wenger and the cool sharp mind of Joe Kinnear, what a treat.

Real Outcome: 5 – 0

CM9798 Outcome:  2 – 1

Advantage Arsenal. But how will the boys from Old Trafford respond?

Manchester United vs. Newcastle United

Two Premier League winners facing off. Two clubs with a recent rivalry. One having a terrible season.

Real Outcome: 1 – 1

CM9798 Outcome:  1 – 2

No doubt there was apoplectic rage in the red dressing room. A Mackem and a Swede do the job for Newcastle.

And that’s a wrap on another edition of Monday Night Football. I hope you have enjoyed our spin on this week. Maybe you could take up the #cm9798challenge and see if you can deliver the Arsenal double?

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