13. A-Z of Football – Chelsea (00/01) – Sweet as a Knutsen

So, we left off after signing Knutsen, and I am already buzzing with his performances. We come back in January with the FA Cup third round, and we play QPR away. Can Knutsen bang some more in? This is the tactic I am starting to use. and I like how balanced it actually is.

So QPR away is not an easy game. An established Premier League team sitting at 11th in the league. Again, it is a goalkeeper picking up MOM and this time, not in our favour.

A replay will have to do, and if we get through, we will be met by either Hartlepool or Aston Villa. This competition is realistically our best chance at silverware, or the League Cup. Speaking of the league cup, our next game is away from home to Newcastle in the Quarter Final. Again, another extremely hard game and again, one of our best chances for silverware.

We scrape through, with a red card and an injury in the back 4

The bad news is Frezza is out for 2 months, but my utility player is back from injury himself. Back into the transfer market to hopefully pick up some nice players. Before then, however, away to Wolves. Another away game and I feel like I need a big win as the team is crumbling a little bit.

Not a great win, but a good win none the less. Thank fuck for Knutsen once again. He will be a player I want to take elsewhere! He currently has 8 goals in 6 games, so happy with that. First player in from this update is Damiano Zenoni, a £1mil signing from Pescara

He goes straight into the team at left midfield for Jon Harley for our FA Cup replay at home to QPR. Feeling confident this time around. I also give Jan Sonksen his debut at central midfield.

The goalkeeper curse strikes again, as we exit to QPR on penalties 5-4. Zenoni missing the penalty on his debut. I think I need to invest into a better goalkeeper aswell, as goalkeepers just get MOM against me, but never for me! I put in a bid for a goalkeeper from Logrones in Primeria Divison who is sitting with an 8 average rating.

Next up, Liverpool. Top of the league and flying. Just have to try and keep the goals conceded to a minimum.

3 goals conceded and De Goey still manages a 9. There is something going fundamentally wrong. I will stick with the tactic to see how it goes a little longer before I jump away. One of my first signings again comes in the way of Dario Simic, again, for a bit of backup across the back 4.

Following that comes our new number 1. Welcome to the club Jorge Aizkorreta

Both will come into the squad for their debuts, as Simic takes the place of a suspended Baiano. Both of my CAM’s are also suspended, so this should be a good one. Away at my former club aswell, so again, not expecting any miracles with 3 suspensions and Rebrov at CAM with Degryse.

I’ll take it! Fantastic effort from the team. Sonksen at CM getting 2 goals and Rebrov also taking his chance. Could have been better, but a lot lot worse aswell. it is an instant rematch however as we face Arsenal again in the League Cup semi finals. Just hopeful that we can keep that same intensity going into this game, and with a new better goalkeeper, be able to hold out a little bit more?

No. This time it goes in Arsenal’s favour and it is my signing that picks up MOM. How many times is that going to happen throughout this save? It is only the first leg however, next leg at home should hopefully prove a little bit more successful. Both of my CAM’s are back from suspension so we can get some more creativity in there, and stick Knutsen back up top where he belongs.#

Up next is 11th place Sheffield Wednesday and it is these games that I would love to try and push forward with. The do have some big names in Paulo Di Canio, Rai, Benito Carbone, Niklas Alexandersson and a transfer listed Matt Le Tissier? So they have depth, but do they have a full quality team?

They do, but they don’t have Knutsen or Rebrov. Fantastic. That takes us up to 3rd, and Liverpool’s form has dropped a bit. Meaning, we are only 9 points from top and 6 points from 2nd placed Leicester. Being in the cups aswell, it could be a short stint at Chelsea. Another future great is also sacked from their club

It is back to one of those cups, as our second leg against Arsenal comes round the corner. I am happy to see Knutsen back up front and honestly believe he will lead us to the final. Can he do it?

Yes he bloody can! Things look bad with Rebrov injured after 3 minutes, but Jody Morris takes his place at CAM and scores. It went to extra time and Knutsen bangs the winner in the 112nd minute. Stamford Bridge erupts as we make the final.

It will be Man Utd in the final as they take out an impressive Ipswich team. It is our first chance at a trophy already, so it could be a lot worse!

Rebrov is out for 2 weeks with a stubbed toe. FFS Sergei. Steve Bushell takes his place as we go and visit Pride Park.

Bore draw. Clean sheet however, is the only positive I can take from that. Liverpool do lose 3-0 to Blackburn and Leicester draw, so it isn’t all bad news! Another game is around the corner as Man City visit Stamford Bridge.

Who else but Knutsen right!?! Jason Trinder in the City goal does pick up the MOM however so it easily could have been more. Some bad news follows however as our new keeper will be out for a couple of weeks.


He is on his 5th job in 4 seasons. No loyalty. Next game is Bury and our hope to score a few goals! Come on Knutsen, smash them in lad

Ok. Nothing to be concerned about. A win is a win! Interesting to see their RB, Rob Robb. Fair play to get out of school bullying lad. Things are looking good, if not spectacular, as we are racking up the wins. I have found a tactic that really suits the club, and one that I am enjoying using. Knutsen’s average rating is pretty, well, average, but his goal scoring exploits are top notch.

Best 130k I have ever spent. I will try my best to take him to a few other clubs with me!! There are a few on my shortlist that I have bought previously and he will definitely be added. Next up is an away game to (Somehow) bottom of the league Aston Villa. It is what happens when you hire John Toshack. Surely there are some goals in this one?

A few, but not many. 3 points is 3 points however and we are on top form. This has just reminded me of that god awful grey and orange Chelsea kit. Ergh. Knutsen with a rare MOM though, so that’s a positive.

Somehow we have played 29 games whlst others have played 27, but look how close this is currently!

Unfortunately, this guy can’t get a work permit. I have had him (in some way) at both of my former clubs. Pretty obvious who he is, right?

Blackburn visit us next, and we need another 3 points to stick with the group. It is still out of our hands a bit, so we need this to push forward.

Who else but Knutsen! And Gil Baiano picks up MOM. It is fantastic to see my actual signings making moves. My transfer nous is evidently showing! Happy days. Little international break helps us retain some fitness on those that didn’t play, which also brings the end of this update. Our next game, is the League Cup Final against Manchester United. Make sure you tune in to that one!!

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