The Wonderkids – Part 15: Flying (By The Seat of Our Pants)

Hello and welcome back to The Wonderkids where we are taking a bunch of players on the knife edge between Ronal-do and Ronal-don’t from the complete unknown to, hopefully, the pinnacle of CM9798 (although, I’m yet to decide what that pinnacle is!). If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know that the demands of just 10 games of football can be a precarious path to follow for these tin soldiers, from crisp packet hands to broom handle spines…we’ve got it all. You can catch up with last week here where we continued on our Premier League path. Here is a reminder of the table where we left off:

Jokes aside, there are a lot of key players out at once.

Parry is our Welsh god and he scores goals number 10 and 11 against West Ham. Nothing we could do Abou the late goal. A strangely accurate attendance, Joseph Cala must have been on the gates.

The most entertaining league in the world they said…

We shine a light for the football purists. Here is Parry, and my he is doing well.

To quote Kevin Keegan, I know what’s round the corner, I just don’t know where the corner is…

F****** brilliant! Just what the Doctor ordered. Those who cannot score in the Premier League shine in the Cup.

I’m starting to think this is rigged, we draw Tottenham in a Cup, again, I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve been diddled by these cowboy boot accessories.

Sheff Wed are disposed of but Balling just can’t find that elusive 10th goal and Alex Martin can’t find his elusive 2nd goal…

After blowing Chelsea away earlier in the season, this was always going to be an easy task…not. Wonderkid Caskey helps them to a point!

It’s the end of the Roll…

After a draw with Spurs in the Cup, and a draw with Spurs in the league, we face off against Spurs in the cup. I bloody hate Spurs.

As ever we cannot find a way through, even with a man advantage its all Spurs and they finally break us down courtesy of a 30-odd year old Brazilian no mark. The Bak Man just cannot score for toffee.

Bryan Robson’s Boro just keep closing the gap in the league. We lose to Derby 1-0, 17th placed Blackburn and implode at 11th placed Leeds. Van der Schaffted us.

The walls are coming in and a defensive crisis ensues.

Thankfully we face 20th placed Leicester. We leave it very late, but we bag a triple and it feels good as the chasing pack all drop points.

The three musketeers from Division Three ride in and save the day. It’s not a worldy result but I’m riding high on the smell of mediocre success. We’ll take that and party. With 10 games to go it’s tight at the top and it feels all to familiar to our last season…hopefully we can avoid a late collapse…

We’re out the cups, we’ve got 2 players with ten goals, a world away from my usual demands of the squad and we’ve hit a bit of a rough patch, but we’ve got skin in the game, and Boro have a Champions League run to be distracted by. If you couldn’t tell, I’m desperate for that title, I would love it etc. Please stay with us next week as we play out the final chapter of our first Premier League season with hopefully, no more injuries!

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