Alive and Kicking – Part 2 | @Matt_C_Wills

Good morning and happy hump day. Matt Wills is here to take you into the second half of the week as his Premier League class of ’92 try to get to grips with the Premier League.

Hello, and welcome back to 1992 in 1997 in 2020. hang on, this is getting confusing…

Anyway, in part 1, I set out my stall to take this ‘squad’ and a few hangers on through the 1997/98 season, and, well, it didn’t start off great…

After 9 league games, we are hovering over the relegation trapdoor and making hard work in the early rounds of the League Cup, so of course the perfect tonic is an away trip to Anfield.

Riedle always seems to have a storming first season for Liverpool.

After that, I’m happy for a point from our midweek visit from Spurs.

Paul Stewart can’t find a way past his old club and Ian Walker and its honours even.

Hirst is out for our trip to The Dell, but we have an able deputy in ‘Champagne’ Charlie Nicholas who runs riot with Gordon Durie.

See you later, Robbie Slater.

We put up a good fight when Man Utd come to the Arena, and a 2-1 reverse is not shameful

Its a good opportunity to switch things up in the League Cup at home to lowly Swansea and Andy Ritchie and Champagne Charlie do the business – even Kammy got a run out at centreback. Its our recent conquerers Man Utd in the next round.

At home to Blackburn next, and as I have nicked Tim Flowers from them, Alan Fettis plays Man of the Match to keep us at one nil until young Damian Duff snatches a late equalizer from the bench

When we beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-0, it feels like we might be hitting a bit of form. Playing against 10 men for 86 minutes doesn’t hurt either

Of course, i spoke too soon – Gareth Southgate breaking our resolve so late in the game…

Back to winning ways against Derby, we’re becoming more solid and resilient which is great prep for our cup game against Man Utd. Maybe it’s having Kammy at the back – unbelievable Jeff.

Time to peak at the table from behind the sofa – hey not bad, but still only 4 pts from danger though.

At the top, Liverpool doing what Man Utd normally do in the first season, powered by Riedle’s goals

So we’re obviously not going to be doing anything fantastic in the league, so my best hope for something from these guys is a decent cup run, which is easier said than done when your next opponents are Man Utd.

Well, would you look at that, totally dominated Man Utd and we are through to the quarter-finals against Spurs, get that champagne on ice Charlie!

See you next week as we get our FA Cup campaign up and running against Barnsley, see you then!

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