17. A-Z of Football – Darlington (01/02) – Darlo Disaster

Liam’s A-Z game has seen him arrive at Darlington but my that’s a tempting job offer…

So the last update wasn’t great at all, a poor run of form and a large overhaul, as well as cycling through tactics. I just can’t quite get that wining mentality that I had at the other clubs. It is now evident I will be spending next season here. Our first game will be in the FA Cup third round against Swansea. Will be good to get a little run going from here. Will it work?

Nope. We move on. How do we get out of this? Signing more players

Also….Argh. I can’t. I haven’t finished D yet! Shame, in world cup season too!

A player I just signed, has moved to Chelsea for the big club release. Brilliant

Oh well. We move on. Home vs Scunthorpe, please just let something go right?

Again, nope. THis season is a write off and will be all about survival for next. Next season, the league is OURS. Bristol Rovers up next, can we turn things around? Going to give Richie Jaques a turn up top. Not sure if he Dion Dublin’s regen but surely it is worth a go. He will partner Legg. He hasn’t scored this season, can he tonight?

Yes he blooming well can. Top performance from the boys, although I do still lack confidence in my goalkeeper. Let’s check the transfer list and see who we can bring in. However, for now, Prunea keeps his place for the next game against Boston Utd.

We led the game until the 84th minute, then Boston score twice to kill us off. Keeper with MOM this time! We just can’t get any consistency in our play. Worse news is Jaques is out for a couple of weeks.

England move to an Italian legend, but it isn’t Capello this time;

Somehow, in 2002 I get the legend that is this guy in goal. He is never leaving. Thank you Man Utd, only £85k too

Richie Jaques is back from injury and straight back into the team. Not sure why I didn’t have trust in him before, he was here when we arrived! January has flown and we are now into February, Away against current prem team Bournemouth now, who actually have their current manager starting CB. He is no Haslam though…

Great victory and we carry on! I kind of don’t want to hit form, because if we do and make the playoffs, I don’t want to go up. It would make this challenge a whole lot harder! Straight to business as we are home to league leaders Altrincham.

It has taken a while, but it is really starting to come back together! Again, games come thick and fast. Home to Watford now

No win this time, but a positive performance. Seems like this is just going to be match after match at the moment! Not a lot going on in the footballing world either, so a pretty boring update so far. I bring in a young striker to battle

And we have now hit the maximum quota for players. I am actually happy to have this much backup, although some are awful! Going to give Cullen a start just to see how he gets on

A great result. Blackstone gets a red with puts Jaques at CB, but 3 points and I am happy, Cullen gets MOM and a goal on his debut, may have uncovered a superstar. Doubt it. Preston are up next however, and they seem to be struggling in the league. This is an opportunity to climb a bit further,

Nope, of course not. The inconsistent form continues with a 4-1 loss. Brilliant stuff. In comes a current Colombian international though, we doing bits in this transfer market!

He gets his debut away to Macclesfield

This is what I mean by inconsistency. I really do not understand the algorithms of the game right now! Diaz does get a debut goal though so that is a positive. I have released 4 players from the club, money doesn’t matter right now. Straight back into the next one, Leyton Orient away who are struggling.

Cullen continues his form, and Jacques comes off the bench for another 2. Another bit of proof into our inconsistent play. Straight back to the next one, Wycombe at home.

I have to play 38 minutes with a goalkeeper at LWB, disgusting team Wycombe are. All 3 players are out for 2-3 weeks with impact injuries too. Dirty. New sub goalkeeper comes in, as the one I used last game wasn’t even a contracted player

£44k for a £450k rated player. Can’t complain. A rare change of kit for the next game. Notts County away

Straight into the next one, and the last one of this update.

A good result, and the inconsistency of this update is visible to all. We have improved a lot however, so that is a bonus! Onto the next month.

See you there!

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